Get Amazed: Some WTF Facts That You Need to Discover

There are many times that people get curious about country stories, the world’s history, the story of famous people, technologies, the world’s events, about food, random things that you can see anywhere, and even animal facts that you don’t know yet. These are only some questions that will make you want to gain more wisdom and knowledge. Because we are always curious about anything, it is what drives us to get motivated to know more and discover more unknown things to us. And the best thing about this world is that there are countless things that you can learn.

While there are a lot of mysteries about the world that are still unfamiliar to us, people need to gain more wisdom to use it in the future. Individuals can start by asking people if you get curious about certain things, internet surfing, or reading lots of books. There are also millions or thousands of facts that you still need to know. Aside from this list, people can also check more wtf fun facts to help them learn new things. So here are some of the WTF facts that you need to discover.

If The Sun Will Explode, People Won’t Know It Until 8 Minutes Later

The sun’s light can reach the planet for about eight minutes and eighteen seconds. It’s the same time duration it will take for people to know that there are changes in the sun. When it comes to physics, every information travels below or at the light speed. “Information” might be any communication form, gravity, or light itself. Therefore, whatever we do, there’s no knowing what happens eight light-minutes distance from us until that information reaches us, which will take at a minimum of eight minutes.

And if we are in a scenario where the Sun would suddenly disappear, then people won’t notice it happening. For about eight minutes, people will suddenly see the sun’s light disappearance, and then we stop feeling the gravity pull and other sun’s information that would cease reaching us.

People Sweat on Their Bed For an Average of Twenty Six Gallons a Year 

This fact means that a person’s average sweat is 1 cup per day on their beds. We all know that people sweat a lot, and it can’t be helped to put sweat on our beds from time to time. Because of the hot weather, people sweat so much when they are sleeping or just lying on the bed. 

Even if the temperature is not quite hot, there are also instances that we sweat when we are sleeping, and there is nothing that we can do about it. What people need to do is to change their beddings more often to avoid the bacterias that might get us sick. Now that is a WTF fact that is worth knowing.

The Cloud Can Have a Weight of 1 Million Pounds

If you picture yourself standing on clouds, always remember that an average cumulus weight is 500 thousand kilograms or 1.1 million pounds. Because clouds float around effortlessly, it’s still easy to assume that they don’t weigh that much. But that’s not the case. Think about for a second, and it means that any time soon, there might be millions of pounds of floating water above our heads, and that equals to 100 elephants.

You might wonder how that weight afloat? For a thing, the pressure spreads into droplets of millions over a big space. Some droplets are tiny that it would need millions of them to create raindrops.


The mentioned above are just some of the facts about this world that you don’t know yet. There are still more that will surely amaze your brilliant mind.