Tuesday, September 27 , 2022

Giving Vintage Clothes a Modern Twist

Are you planning to look different than everybody else at the party? 

Then the first thing you have to do is drop that latest fall/spring collection dress and go for something vintage. 

Now vintage dressing is an art and not everybody can do that. Hence you have to know how to style those vintage clothes. If done right you can look fab and with the slightest mistake, you can look like a theatre artist.


  • What to buy? 


Vintage is old clothes but did you know that a lot of modern fashion designers take inspiration from them to design their modern collections?

However, what we are looking for are some simple options in which you can look for some 1950s dresses. These are some of the safest vintage clothes that can be styled into party dresses or everyday clothes. 


  • How to do hair and makeup? 


Now unless you want to spend hours on hair you certainly wouldn’t be going for hair crimping or curling. Some loose waves or a sleek bun can be the perfect hairdo on these dresses. For make try not to go overboard, a fresh makeup look with a pick blush can do the job for you – in the day time. Meanwhile, strong eye makeup with a dewy foundation would be perfect – at a night party. 


  • How to accessorize the right way? 


When you are going for vintage clothing, try opting for some modern accessories. If the dress is too loose then go for a nice belt to make it tight around the waist. This will define your waist and give you a smart look.

 Also, you can pair it with a big tote or a small clutch. Adding up a pair of sunglasses in the day time will give you a good overall streamlined look. 


  • How to mix vintage with modern?


There are a few vintage pieces that are always good to be mixed with modern clothes. 

For instance,

  • The wide-leg vintage pants can be easily paired with a crop top. The green and beige are some color options that you should look for in these pants. 
  • The long overhaul vintage coats with a pair of denim and a crop top (tucked inside) can be the perfect look for a winter morning. 
  • A vintage white top with skin-fitted jeans can be paired up nicely for a formal lunch with a client or with the girl’s group. 
  • You can also pair up a vintage skirt up with a logo shirt. A classic modern and vintage fusion.
  • A 1920s dress can be perfect for a red carpet or as a prom dress – just avoid any accessories and you’re good to go. 

  • How to dress a vintage theme at a wedding?

  • Everybody has a different plan for their wedding and being in the wedding party it is sometimes hard to follow themes. If your friend is going to wear her mother’s wedding dress the bridesmaid can go for vintage dresses too.  The Rockabilly section of the vintage store will give the bridesmaids some good options to choose from. The best part is that these dresses can be worn again in office parties or charity galas. These vintage dresses are still revamped and sold by multiple designers. Above are only a few ways in which you can style and wear vintage clothes. Wearing vintage has a lot of advantages yet the biggest one is that – you will always look unique. Also this way you will be conserving the environment and will get to show your creativity while dressing up. 

    So what are you waiting for? It’s time to add some vintage pieces to your wardrobe and give them a modern twist.