Grab the Best Towels for Car-Detailing Station!!!

It’s the best move to purchase Car wash towels for your car –detailing station. Comparatively, it costs lesser than the car-detailing equipment. The key point lies in choosing the best car wash towels among the wide range of choices. Depending upon the many applications, car detailers use different kinds of towels in various colors, sizes, thickness, and quality. Among the wide range of choices, most probably the following three kinds of towels are used in the car-detailing center.

  • Microfiber Towels
  • Terry towels
  • Huck Towels

Microfiber Towels:

It’s no doubt that microfiber towels are becoming the “Best cleaning tool” of this generation. This is very famous in the market. It’s the most versatile tool for detailing of various surfaces. Microfiber towels are manufactured from synthetic fibers which are a combination of polyester and polyamide.

You will amaze when you know about the ideal features of Microfiber towels.

  • Absorbency
  • Lint-free, Scratch — free
  • Durability

These three features are making them incredible cleaning towels. These towels contain very small fibers that are knitted tightly and pull the dirt away from the surface. We could make use of them for washing the cars as well as dry the surface.

You may find a vast range of towel sizes from 16X16 Inches to 16X27 Inches to serve the detailing Industry. Generally, small size towels are used to clean the interiors, windows, and glasses of the cars. Large towels are utilized to wash the exterior surface and dry them to get rid of spots formation.

Depending upon the threads count (GSM — Grams per Square Meter) towels weight varies. It’s the best option to choose moderate GSM rated towels for long-lasting performance. We have to care a little bit to protect microfiber’s characteristics.

Yes!! Never wash them with hot water, and dry them under sunlight. Then avoid fabric softener for protecting the absorbency and dirt pulling capability of microfibers.

Terry Towels:

We heard about Terry towels a lot and it’s a common choice for bathrooms because of its softness and absorbency. Like microfiber towels its available in bath towels size to hand towels size. These high absorbency towels are used in upholstery cleaning, wax removal, carpet spotting, cleaning wheels, doors, and dry car bodies.

The quality of the towels depends upon the thread count and weight of the towel. If you use lower quality towels this would make scratches with the surfaces. Hence car detailers should keep in mind that selecting high-quality towels would last long.

Never wash terry towels with other clothes. It releases more lint up to some extent of washes. At more number of washes, it would stop to bleed lint. This is the most unfriendly feature of the terry towels.

Huck towels:

It’s one of the outdated towels made up of 100% cotton with good absorbency. They used to clean congested spaces. So we could use them to clean window panes. Huck towels are available in limited sizes. These lightweight Huck towels are very cheap. But most of the Huck towels users shifted to use microfiber towels. Even Huck towels are used in the cleaning of the medical apparatus.

Choose the best car wash towels which are fulfilling your car washing requirements!!