Guide to Last Minute Essay Writing

Your professor assigned the task of writing paper way back. You knew about this. You even marked the deadline in your Google Calendar and you planned to start writing.

But life happened somewhere in between. You were caught up between other assignments, classes, exams, extracurriculars, and the last season of GoT. Writing an essay was the last thing on your mind until you looked at your calendar and you noticed the deadline is TOMORROW!

Is it time to panic yet?

No. You can do this!

Sure; you’ll write this paper in a hurry and it might not be brilliant. But if you put in the effort, it will be good and it will still get you a satisfactory grade. Better than nothing, huh?

Tips on How to Write an Essay Really Quickly

  1. Focus!

This is the biggest paradox of all: when you really need to focus and get something done, you’re prone to distractions. This is the time when you’ll say “I’ll check Instagram really quick” and you end up scrolling through the feed for an hour.

You should expect your mind to drive you to distractions. Don’t allow that! You’re strong. You can control this urge and focus from start to finish. Use Strict Workflow or a similar browser extension that blocks your access to Reddit and social media.

  1. Choose Your Topic

Did you get a broad theme for the essay? You need to narrow it down before you do anything else. What’s the most interesting aspect of this theme that gets your attention? Choose a topic that’s easy to research. If you already have your point of view, it will be easier.

If, for example, the theme is abortion laws, you can choose the law of a particular state and analyze it. When the topic is narrow like that, you can maintain solid logical flow and it will be easier to write the paper.

  1. Do a Quick Research

The usual essay writing process imposes the need for days spent in research. Not this time! Give yourself forty minutes to an hour to find three academic, scientific, or statistical resources. Go through the abstract and results chapters of the studies. It’s enough. Note down what data you want to use and proceed to the next step.

  1. Write an Outline

It’s not okay to skip the outline when you’re in a hurry. It makes you faster during the next stage. The essay contains an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Plan your entry and the thesis statement for the intro, and the arguments for the body paragraphs.

  1. Now Write!

Don’t worry about grammar and syntax at this point. Just write! This is your first draft and it doesn’t have to be perfect. Even if you’re not great at writing, you shouldn’t lose confidence. EduBirdie will correct your essay once you have this first draft.

Maintain the logical flow from the outline and you’ll do just fine!

When you’re done writing, you should edit to perfection. It’s okay to hire an editor if you’re not sure you can do that alone.

  1. If You Don’t Make It, Ask for an Extension of the Deadline

The rules are the same for all students: everyone has to submit a paper by the deadline. Most professors are not willing to accept any excuses. But if you really struggle to complete the project on time, you can still try and the professor may cut you some slack.

Write an email message. Explain that you had too many responsibilities and you weren’t able to complete the paper on time. Write that you’re very interested in the assignment and you want to complete it, but you need one more day to do it.

Professors are human, too. Maybe they will understand.

Ready, Set, Go!

This is not the time to start complaining. You’re a student and you have a lot to do. It’s hard. You’re not focused and you struggle with writing. You’ll have to overcome those struggles and do something about this assignment.

You spent ten minutes on this article, and that’s enough. You have a lot to do now! This time wasn’t wasted, though. Now you know how to approach an academic assignment and complete it as quickly as possible. If you ready to go get quick visite You will thank me later.

This process suggests sacrificing some research time and hiring an editor for the last step. Those two details make a huge difference. You’ll still have a good paper; you just need to sit and write it.

BIO: Alvin Franklin maintains a blog with extensive writing and productivity tips for students. He found the perfect recipe for time management. You can take online classes, write many papers, study, exercise, and still have a life if you plan it well.