Hands Free Tech Accessories

Multi tasking is common and is what we often do in order to maximize our time and energy. With that being said, various accessories are constantly being thought of and made to accompany our main tech to give us an easier experience. Here are some cool accessories you’d might want to consider and might be really handy for you.

Neck Lazy Pod

With the same logic as the selfie monopod, this is worn around the neck and shoulders for hands free use of your mobile as you watch while on the couch, bed, or doing other tasks or chores. It can be bent in such a way that it can stand as a normal lazy pod, too.

Metal Magnetic Car Phone Holder

This allows you to easily have your mobile phone mounted on or off on your car aircon vent which is along the dashboard. Though it is not recommended to use the phone while driving, hands free calls and GPS assistance is quite acceptable.

Anti Gravity iPhone Case

This cool iPhone case allows you to also have a hands free experience because the case is a stick-anywhere protective case, making it convenient to mount your iPhone on a dashboard, mirror, tile, whiteboard, cabinet, or any other smooth surface.
Phone Armbands

These are quite old accessories already but are still useful to sporty peeps. It’s a classic handsfree experience for various workout activities like jogging, running, and cycling. There are waterproof cases available, too, for swimming and other water activities, best paired with waterproof earphones.


Models and brands vary but the most sophisticated smartwatches allow you to preview SMS received, answer calls, choose music, and such, allowing the wearer handsfree mobile phone experience. The development of this has gone a long way and many are still excited to see how this will be developed further.