Thursday, October 6 , 2022

Happy Living

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Happy Living

Written by Prakash Sutradhar, a BBN community member.

Happy Living“Happy”, everyone wants to be. Whatever you are doing, whatever you are chasing for, whether you are doing something noble or something siner but your ultimate goal is to be happy. Happiness has different meaning for everyone, for me it might be being with my family, for you it might reaching top of your organization and for someone else it might be being rich. These are our desires in life and yet to be fulfiled.

Unsatisfied Desire

These desires are called our unsatisfied desire and our whole life we keep striving to fulfil those desires only. If you were  poor in your childhood then your unsatisfied desire might be becoming rich. Now if I give you “love” then it won’t make you happy because only money can make you happy or someone’s childhood might be without parents then if I give him more and more money then money won’t make him happy because his desire is to be feeling loved.

One more example is two girls are going for Indian Idol audition but their desire might be totally different, one girl might wants to be very popular only and other girl might seek to be super rich.

So first identity your unsatisfied desire and you can find it easily. Just keep asking yourself everytime what I am seeking  for and what makes me happy ?

Thoughts and Emotions

Once you identify your unsatisfied desire, now you have to satisfy it and then only you can be happy. Trust me you can fulfil it because you have the world’s biggest power, EMOTIONS.

It is your emotion, which can do anything. It can drive you so much that just for your lover you might kill anyone. Now Million doller question is how to create emotion as you wish ?

It is your thoughts and thoughts are followed by emotions. Without creating any thought you can’t create any emotion. Everyday we create 50-60 thousands of thoughts and followed by many emotions. Now the quality of your thoughts will decide what kind of emotion you will experience. e,g, If your thoughts are of positive qualities then you will experience emotions of love, peace and if your thoughts are of negative quality then you will experience emotions of hatred, jealousy, anger.

Biggest Barrier

Now you would ask me why I can’t create positive thoughts, everytime I create negative thoughts. It is because of your beliefs about the youself, about world.

Do you know what is the difference between a confident and anxious person ?
Confident person believes that he is confident and anxious person doesn’t believe in him.

One year ago I was fully depressed and lost all hope of life but now I am fully opposite. Full of confidence and having authority over my thoughts, emotions and determined to help every people in their journey of life.

What was the cause ?

For the last 2-3 years I always blamed people, situations, outside world for all my problems, unhappiness and result was I became more and more frustrated and depressed. Do you know why we blame ?

Because we think people, situation are responsible for our all problems and misery but truth is we are responsible for our moods, emotions.

When I started reading psychology and spirituality I realized it and everything changed within 1 year.

What changed ?

I stopped trying to change the outside world, people, situations rather I started changing my beliefs.
Yes everything is same,  same govt, same people, same job, same friends and same society but my beliefs changed.

Previously my belief was I am not worthy, I am not adequate, People will reject me, I am not enough and so I my thoughts were depressing, negative and always afraid to take step.

Now I just replaced my those wrong beliefs with empowering beliefs like I am worthy, I deserve to be loved, I can do anything, I am born to be successful, I accept my imperfections, I am the creator of my destiny and result is I am always happy, energetic and confident.

Step 2

So it is all about changing your beliefs about yourself, about the world. If all the friends and relatives of Miss world start
lying to her that she is not that beautiful then within a few days she will start believing it and will afraid to face people.

Belief is like a operating system of your mind, to get positive thoughts, motivation you need to have positive believe about yourself.

I still remember those days whenever I went to any party, social gathering I beame anxious. Because that time I was constantly having negative thoughts about myself that people are judging me negatively, I always compared myself with others in wrong way.

But now same social gathering but I am confident just because my thoughts are now like I deserve to be loved, I am enough, I will grow more and more.

So stop trying to change people, situation because it will lead to no output and start changing your beliefs.


I don’t believe in lectures like “be positive”, “sacrifise for others” or “think big” because it never works. People keep on trying but never find peace, happiness. So I believe in science, psychology and spirituality because it works, it is the science of mind. It worked for me and It is working for thousands of people.

Step 1: Identity your unsatisfied desire
Step 2: Break You wrong beliefs about yourself.
Step 3: Create positive and empowering thoughts and result will be motivating emotions.
Step 5: Celebrate it and share with others and help them to fulfil their goal.