Saturday, October 1 , 2022

Have a heart that never harden

By: Jigmeth Junu

We grow and learn with the passage of the time; at some point of life we all been hurt or infuriated by someone’s words. Some words are cruel while some words teach us a lesson. At this point of life we start questioning who we are or how we should be?

Being a Buddhist I was taught to be honest, kind and compassionate toward all sentient beings and we actually need to learn to be honest, kind hearted, compassionate and loving toward all sentient beings but kindness, compassion and love has it time and place to show. Life become hard when it put us in a situation where we start to be honest, kind and compassionate toward those people who doesn’t know the real meaning of these, it’s just mere a word for them.

Being a social animal we encounter many people. Some are meant to be part of our life, while some just touch us and walk through; they are not meant to be part of our life.  What they left is only a memory that sucks our life for the rest. When it comes to practical things we should let go those memories and move on to new chapter of life, but the bare truth is that, it’s hard to forget some people. The best way to move on is not to create hatred within oneself for other and forgive those who hurt us. We as a social animal are mean to suffer, pain and suffering are meant to be felt, and thus it called a life. At this moment we really need a person whom we called our love one to share and feel our pain, but the hardest part of life is that when we don’t have anyone to share with and listen to us. Life really becomes terrible at this moment.

Sometime when we are in a tough situation, where we tries our best to be honest, kind and compassionate toward those people, who don’t know the real meaning of that. The mind raised a thought like that…. Let f**k the world, let be cruel, let don’t be honest, kind and compassionate toward them. But after some time when I introspect, the deeper inside of mine has something else to say. What a point of being a Buddhist if can’t tolerate all these people, instead of being angry on them, I should be more compassionate toward them; instead of hatred I should be more patient toward them. Only by these I can make myself different from them.

When the prince Siddhartha Gautama struggled to attain enlightenment, he had gone through all sort of hardship. He experienced all sort of suffering, humiliation thus he attained enlightenment and taught the Dharma and show us the way of liberation from the Samsara. As a disciple of the Lord Buddha, my life is also meant to face hardship, otherwise how would I know the real meaning of suffering, how would I practice that I meant to be practice in my life. If there is no such cruel people, whom would I show my kindness and compassion, if there is no one angry on me, how would I control my anger, if there is no one telling me my weakness, how the hell do I know where am I lacking. If there is no one opposing me, how do I know, where I am standing and where I am leading?

Well I am thankful to all those who came in my life and taught me lessons, I am thankful to those who oppose me to show the path that I am leading, I am thankful to those who taught me the real meaning of patience by creating trouble to me in every possible way, I am thankful to those who taught me the real meaning of compassion by being cruel to me,  I am thankful to those for teaching me honesty by not being honest with me, I am thankful to those who taught me the trust by being unfaithful to me, I am thankful to those who taught me to conquer my anger by being angry on me, and I am thankful to those who left me alone to make me realize who the hell I am. And most important and I thankful to all my nearest and dearest who always stand along my path to make me realize that I am worth, I am someone special for them.

After all I feel it is better to live and enjoy my life to fullest by being honest, truthfulness, compassionate and kindness toward all sentient beings, there is no point wasting time in arguing and criticizing with those rude people instead I feel sorry for them for being so ignorant. Our life is precious and impermanent so forgive those who hurt you and love those who love you, whatever happened is past we can’t change, but I have really learned a big lesson of my life and I found my spiritual path and I am on it.   Rest I leave on the karma after all everyone is owner of their own karma.

Let’s Live a Life… Happy life ahead.