Have you Ever Wondered the Type of Chocolate Cake Decoration Ideas?

Chocolate cakes are a must at times not only for kids but also for many elders. Chocolate cakes can never fail any party, any theme or any occasion as it is always a favorite among the mass. And any decoration on a chocolate cake looks amazing, irrespective of the fact whether one uses a simple icing technique or goes for more intricate designs. All and everything looks perfect and suitable if the base is a chocolate cake.

Chocolate cakes are the handiest and quick in times of necessity because apart from being tasty it is very easy to make and obviously more easy to decorate. Indeed, the ordering of chocolate cakes has also become easier nowadays.  With the rapid progress of E-commerce websites, chocolate cake online delivery is also being facilitated quickly, right at your doorstep.

As previously mentioned major decorations look lovely on a chocolate cake but some of them that look the best are as follows:

  1. Icing Sugar Designs

The easiest and simplest way of decorating a cake is dusting icing powder. Here a template paper can be flexibly used to dust icing sugar in order to form different and attractive patterns.

One more variation can also be used. By mixing a little water and flavor, a paste is formed which is used for decorating through the process of drizzle. Drizzling is more of abstract art which looks graceful on chocolate cake keeping in mind the lovely contrasting color of brown and white. Drizzling is not unique but is also individualistic. Drizzling can also be done by melting white chocolate.

  1. Buttercream Designs

Buttercream is the most popularly used ingredient for decorations. Since this can be turned into various form and can be used in a number of ways, this product is more often people’s choice. Buttercream is nothing but a mixture of butter, icing sugar, flavors of choice and milk and at times edible food color. From piped swirls, piped shell, bead borders on one hand to smooth palette – knife finish on the other many creative designs can be done with this ingredient.

Buttercream can also be turned into frosting by swapping the butter for making cream cheese. Frosting too is an appreciable choice since it can also be used for different designs.

  1. Fondant Designs

Fondant is usually used while customizing a cake. Fondant is generally used for making definite shapes and structure and since it has a strong built it can clearly hold up any piece of customized art.

  1. Fruits, Nuts, Sweets, Desiccated Coconut

These are mainly used as toppings; it can also be used for filling in middle layers of multi-layer cakes. Among fruits, strawberries and bananas are quite popular and among nuts peanuts, sweet pecans are mainly opted for.

Grated coconuts are to be pressed throughout the perimeter of the butter creamed cake. This is considered healthier and it is tasty too.

  1. Wrap Designs

Cigarillos, tube-shaped wafer cookies, chocolate fingers are placed around a cake covered with either buttercream or chocolate to give the look of a wrap structure. They can be used as a correction to any damaged cake. They can have varied structural designs.

Apart from these, there are many more, like ordinary message cakes or the royal icing cakes, or the whipped cream designs, etc.

The main ingredients of the decorations are icing sugar, buttercream, chocolate bar, cocoa powder, fondant, gelatin, etc. which are very easily available in the market. Moreover, though the decorations initially may look a bit complicated but can be done quite easily.

The above-mentioned ideas should be tried at least once on any chocolate cake. These ideas can be applied to the simplest cake and will still look gorgeous.