Thursday, September 29 , 2022

He Draws Over The Flash Of His Phone With A Blue and Purple Sharpie. The Reason? Awesome.


Is there really an app for everything you need in life? Well, there certainly are a lot, which often makes me utter in amazement,  “WHAT A WORLD!” However, when I came across this ingenious hack that you are about to watch below, I realized that there are still many apps that haven’t been created, and the idea this clever YouTuber has come up with, serves a really useful function.

Perhaps some of you don’t really care about the nasty viruses and bacteria left on services you touch, but sometimes knowing may  save you from picking up germs that will make you sick. Are you intrigued? If you are watch this tutorial below, you will see how easily and quickly, you can turn the flash on your cell phone into a BLACK LIGHT.

Black lights have the capability of making visible, that which you cannot see with the naked eye. All you will need is some scotch  tape, one Blue and one Purple Sharpie. The tutorial shows you how easily you can create a black light, that will send you on an exploration of what is actually living on surfaces, that you assume are clean. This is particularly handy if you are staying in a hotel that appears to be cleaned, but really has surfaces where germs have been left behind by many people who have stayed there before you! Even your own home deserves some inspection…get ready for a good Spring cleaning!

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