Sunday, October 2 , 2022

Heartbreaking! She Gave Her Newborn Baby to the Hands of a Dying Man

Internet is full of amazing stories and videos. You may have seen many of this kind but this is special.

This story will certainly leave you with tears in your eyes and a shock in your heart.

Because, this is about life from birth to death and sheer love in between.

We all go through this cycle as a universal truth.  Suddenly everything has a new perspective with videos like this. A new meaning to life, family life and relationships.

Being a part of a family is all about sacrifices.  The bonds such as husband-wife bond, parent-wife bond, and the bond between siblings have no match in the universe. This video shows how deep and amazing a family love can be. In this video, the wife induces labor so that her hubby (who is in the last stages of cancer) could make his presence felt during the birth process. And she was successful in her attempt.

Father who was not only lucky to witness the birth of his baby girl, but also to hold her dear to his arms before his death. He could spend a moment with his baby girl and a moment to cherish. Father happiness and enthusiasm was so warm that mother seems to be very emotional along with her family. In the end what is very clear is that “love triumphs against all odds and in the face of the most difficult adversities.”