Saturday, October 1 , 2022

Heinz Ketchup BANNED (And Why You Should Avoid It)

(Health Tips Portal) Namely, the popular Heinz ketchup has been banned in Israel as it has been found to contain small amount of tomatoes. According to newest research, people need to eliminate this ketchup from their diets and turn to organic products. Hence, this ketchup is a real threat to your health and these facts prove that:

  • No nutritional value– Heinz ketchup lacks fibers and proteins and the amount of lycopene is a microscopic one.
  • It has fructose corn syrup– Doctors claim that people who consume this ketchup on a daily basis have a higher risk of developing serious diseases like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease due to the corn syrup made from GMO corn. What’s more, according to research, high fructose syrup has a high amount of mercury- toxic heavy metal.
  • It has sugar and distilled vinegar-the distilled vinegar in Heinz ketchup is derived from GMO corn and its production includes chemicals and pesticides. Unfortunately, the amount of sugar in this ketchup is very high, that is, 4 grams of sugar per tbsp.

As a result, the consumption of this ketchup raises the sugar intake which leads to reduced blood sugar levels and damages to the liver and pancreas.

All in all, this product can have very serious consequences for your health, so, the best option for you and your closest ones is to exclude it completely from your diets.


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