Helping People Stay Connected, Positive, and Inspired – Gershom Sikaala and PureKonect

Helping People Stay Connected, Positive, and Inspired – Gershom Sikaala and PureKonect

The rapid technological progress in recent decades significantly improved people’s ability to interact, communicate, and connect with their family members, friends, peers, colleagues, and millions of individuals worldwide. However, thousands still feel disconnected and estranged despite having many social networking sites or apps at their disposal. Many people also avoid social networking sites or platforms due to privacy concerns. However, some social networking apps and websites ensure privacy and encryption to safeguard people’s sensitive data and personal information. The lack of confidentiality prevents many people from using social media platforms while encouraging new companies to motivate users to connect by ensuring and safeguarding privacy. PureKonect is a social media platform launched in 2021 to promote social networking without compromising security and privacy.

PureKonect is a comprehensive social media platform that offers several services to users without requiring connectivity or registration on multiple services and devices. People can interact, connect, chat, and communicate with others globally by creating a profile and sharing their basic information. The lack of privacy issues encourages many people to join the platform and connect with others without worrying about their information security. Gershom Sikaala launched the company in 2021 to provide a secure alternative to social media apps and platforms with limited services or features. PureKonect is a comprehensive social networking service. It allows users to share comments, posts, photos, videos, blogs, and marketing advertisements rather than using different platforms to complete such activities. Users can also communicate with others through end-to-end encrypted chats and calls.

Social networking in the modern world involves numerous activities, including interacting and connecting with others globally to chat, call, and share content in various formats. People use multiple social networking sites or platforms to perform activities like sharing microblogs, posts, photos, chatting, and calling others in their social network. Almost all social networking sites lack comprehensive features enabling users to perform multiple tasks while remaining on a single social networking platform. Sikaala launched PureKonect to offer a comprehensive social media platform allowing people to perform numerous activities from a single platform than accessing multiple accounts. PureKonect enables users to share posts, blogs, comments, images, videos, and photos while maintaining privacy. PureKonect allows users to chat and audio or video call others with end-to-end encryption, preventing privacy or security lapses. 

PureKonect also enables users to access Gershom Sikaala’s interactive classes for guiding people to live happy and healthy lives while maintaining a positive attitude. Sikaala is a prominent Hollywood celebrity, entrepreneur, spiritual leader, mentor, inventor, philanthropist, and author. Sikaala utilizes his influence and prominence to guide and help people through life’s challenging times while keeping an optimistic attitude. Sikaala wrote numerous books on spirituality and how connecting with God and avoiding negativity minimizes depression, anxiety, and frustration. Sikaala also lectures and talks on various platforms, including churches and business conferences, to inspire, motivate, and encourage people. Sikaala has given motivational speeches while collaborating with several prominent people, including John C Maxwell. Sikaala also sang alongside prominent singers in Los Angeles to record the English version of the Grammy-award-winning song Baraey by famous Iranian Singer Shervin Hajipour. The song became a protest anthem worldwide, and the English version also received an award from the first lady of the United States in 2023.

Gershom Sikaala motivates and encourages people through his speaking and penmanship skills. Most of his books guide and help people find spirituality and maintain positivity. The author started writing in 2011 with his book “You Shall Live,” giving hope to people to stay positive. Although he took a break for some time, he published another book in 2016 after a five-year hiatus, A New Dimension of Glory. Sikaala wrote Breakthrough Thinking in 2018 to encourage people to change their perceptions.

The motivational speaker and author Gershom Sikaala encourages people to stay positive through his inspirational talks and books. He The Game of Decisions in 2019 to highlight how people can succeed by seeking divine help and intervention. Sikaala wrote one book in 2020 entitled Knowing Yourself. However, he published two books in 2021, including Look at God and Speak to the Wind. His spiritual healing book for resolving relationship issues, entitled Delete Offense, came out in 2022. Almost all of Sikaala’s books focus on resolving life’s issues and problems through spiritual healing, seeking spiritual help, and connecting with God. The books and inspirational talks by Sikaala and his social networking platform concentrate on helping people live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives while maintaining positivity and optimism and staying connected with others.