Hemp Protein and Its Amazing Health Benefits

Hemp has shown its advantages for a long time now. Used industrially for making clothes and even building houses, it is time for hemp protein to give back to the world. We have put together a list of the essential hemp protein benefits if you want to learn more.

Hemp could be described as the cousin of cannabis. Entirely lacking the THC component, hemp will never result in euphoria and any other psychoactive effects. Instead, the hemp protein stored in hemp seeds can have surprising benefits if appropriately consumed. The hemp protein benefits come mainly from the edestin and albumin that can be found generously in hemp seeds. One hundred grams of seeds will give you around 32 grams of protein, which is the highest content of pure protein in any other ailment. In today’s article, we will let you know on exhaustive info on the best hemp protein powders, how it is generated, and all the benefits.

Hemp Protein – How It’s Made

Through industrial processing, hemp protein is obtained from hemp seeds. The seed oil is removed from the seeds through cold pressing. In addition, with the oil, fats are removed as well. The dry, pressed hemp seeds are then milled to get a powder that could also be referred to as hemp protein powder.

Protein Found in Hemp Compared to other Plants

When you compare hemp nutrition with any other plant, the results speak for themselves. The experts that focus on vegetarian proteins recommend pea, rice, or soy as primary sources of protein. In addition, while all these plants also offer the right amount of proteins, it is nothing compared to hemp. 

Soy, for example, is a complete protein that can provide the body with all the amino acids that are essential for your body. In addition, while soy has this all-inclusive function for your body, the protein levels are nothing compared to hemp. Moreover, while soy and hemp are quite similar, the truth is that soy faces the risk of genetic modifications, which is not right in the case of hemp. That makes hemp protein more expensive and sometimes harder to find. 

Benefits of Hemp Proteins

Now, that we know the basics about hemp protein, how it is obtained, and what are its nutritional values. It’s time to check out the main advantages this wonder-protein brings to our health and all aspects of it. So, without further ado, let’s explore the benefits of hemp for weight loss and many, many more. 

The anti-oxidant features of hemp protein

For its anti-oxidant properties, hemp protein is excellent at preventing a long list of diseases like arthritis, cancer, or heart diseases. Because oxidation leads to increased inflammation that is another illness that hemp, protein can help with. The main anti-oxidant function of it comes from its hydrolysate. It was discovered through studies on rats that it has higher anti-oxidant values than many of the other traditional aliments.

Losing Weight with Hemp Protein

As we stated earlier, hemp protein is very helpful when you want to lose weight. It does so by delivering many fibers, around 5 grams per 30 grams of protein. Moreover, as some of you may already know, fiber helps you lose weight. It makes you feel full with a lot less food and as well as limiting the production of the hunger hormone.

Anti-Fatigue Effects in Hemp Protein

Since fatigue is such a big issue nowadays, we need all the help we can get to fight it. Recent studies on mice demonstrated that the protein extracted from hemp seed comes with an anti-fatigue element. And, even though the scientists couldn’t pinpoint the exact element that gives hemp these anti-fatigue effects, more studies will be conducted for sure. 


While hemp protein is definitely not as popular as the other proteins, especially animals, its rise can not be contested. There are more studies to be made before we can definitely say that hemp protein is the best one. However, the findings we have so far recommend it as such. It’s recommended to combine hemp protein with other sources of getting your proteins and see how that works with your body.