Here is how technology benefits students

Technology has literally stepped into every domain of our life. From the time we wake up until the moment we retire to our bed, we use modern tools in one way or the other. Just like shopping, work, entertainment, and many other things, technology has left positive imprints on modern-day education as well.

Today, apparently all the insights are just a couple of clicks away from the students. No other generation of students in human history even remotely came close to achieve such a landmark. Of course, nobody can deny the dark aspects of social media but if we look at the bigger picture, online platforms, like thinkswap, have empowered students in vast and varied ways.

Here is how students from all over the world making the most of technology:  

Improved communication

Flawless communication is necessary for academic growth. In the past, as soon as the teachers left the class, it was tough to reach out to them again for any assistance. Students were deprived of any means to bridge the communication gap.

Luckily, that is not the case anymore. Even if your teacher is living in a far-flung area, you will face no difficulty whatsoever to get in touch with him. At the same time, teachers can stay connected to students’ parents and keep feeding them the latest insights.

Communication does not end here. As a student, you have to collaborate with your class-fellows for various reasons. For example, in the old times, it was hard for students to conduct group study because it required all of them to be physically present at once place. Needless to say, this alternative had a variety of loopholes.

Again, technology has made it effortless today to engage in group study. A single Facebook or WhatsApp group ensures impeccable collaboration between students. From their thoughts to documents, they can share everything with each other without physically bothering themselves to step out of their room.      

Helps to track progress

Typically, our teachers are overwhelmed with a series of responsibilities in the educational institutions. This makes very difficult for them to assess students’ performance at regular intervals. So by the time a student gets an idea about his weak links, exams are just around the corner.

Students can use technology to cope with this challenge. For example, if a student wants to evaluate his growth, the online world is choked with assessment-tests platforms. What is more, the majority of them would not even cost you a dime. That way, you will be able to unearth your slip-ups and, henceforth, rectify them beforehand.  

Top-class research

Research is an integral part of higher studies. It is undoubtedly labor some work that requires you to unearth the exact facts and figures and their original sources. Every student who aims for a college degree has to indulge in research work at some point.

In the past, students had to go through shelves of books to trace the right information. Worse, sometimes they would have a hard time to find the relevant books in the library and, resultantly, they were burdened with added finances.

Previous generations had no option except for turning themselves into a bookworm, which, needless to say, drained them of time and energy to balance other subjects.

But times have changed. You have the search engines at your disposal that contain an enormous amount of authentic data. Regardless of your subject, all the information is effectively a few clicks away from you.


Classrooms operate in a typical setting. The teachers adopt a one-size-fits-all approach and expect students to make peace with it. Unfortunately, that’s not the ideal way of teaching because every student learns at his own pace. Being fair to teachers, it lays outside their power to teach with a certain pattern that equally suits each and every student of the class. Even though nobody is at fault, it is the student who gets affected at the end of the day.

That is where technology swings into action. For example, over YouTube, you can find a variety of teachers teaching the same topic in different styles. Provided the range options, you have the flexibility to choose the teacher that makes more sense to you.

Also, in the classroom, a teacher may repeat something a couple of times, which at times does not prove to be enough for some students. But you can switch to the online videos as many times as you want.

Easy to manage time

Student life is as much about time management skills as much as it is about study skills. If you are not smart enough to utilize your time, in all probability, you might lag behind your friends in spite of having more grey matter than them. Losing the track of assignment or project dates will cost you dearly. In other words, there is no way you can afford to be undisciplined during your academic years.

You can download time management apps to deal with this problem. These apps will facilitate you to categorize your subjects on a priority basis. To ensure that you don’t confuse one subject’s date with another, these apps provide the option of color-coding. For example, you may color code mathematics with yellow, biology with pink and so on to counter uncertainty.    

Enhances retention ratio

A study reveals that about one-third of the students drop out of the colleges. This alarming rate of dropouts has started a heated debate between the educators. The majority of academic professionals believe that a fair proportion of college dropouts are the ones who have little to no knowledge about their respective courses.


Gone are the days when smartphones and tablets were considered evil by parents. Quite the contrary, these tools have become instrumental to supplement study. If used in the right way, the young generation can unlock a lot of future opportunities with the backing of technology. With the help of technology, you can get in-depth prior information about your course online. It will lead you to make a smart choice. When students are aware of what they will be taught in the college, the dropout ratio will drastically come down.