Saturday, October 1 , 2022

Here’s How You Can Keep Yourself Cool, Light & Healthy All Summer Long

With the summer months closing in on us, we will soon need to exchange the soups and hot chocolate for cooler choices to help us get through summer. While hot foods are preferred during winter months because they warm you up from the inside, summer months offers us external heat and can often yield high temperatures that make impossible to stick to the same foods that we consume during the winter. During winter, we also tend to keep the house warm with heaters, a lot of blankets and warm baths. When summer strikes, it is time to put the heaters in the basement, take some blankets off the bed and add more cold water to your bath. Summer is also an excellent time for being spending time at the beach, but the fact that many people tend to pick up weight during winter means you might have to work on your physique a little bit before you hit the beach.

  1. Alter Your Diet

Foods we consume in summer and winter months often defer due to the effect they have on the body’s temperature. While we enjoy eating foods that can warm us up in the winter, summer months should mostly be filled by foods that can do the opposite – cool us down. As summer draws closer, it is important to look at your daily diet and to make some alternations. Even if you follow a healthy diet plan, you may still have to take out some foods and replace it with ones that will be beneficial to you in the summer. While you are changing your diet, be sure to consider the nutritional facts about the foods you include in your summer diet – you should always ensure you consume foods that are high in nutrients and low in bad substances. Eating Well recommends including corn, watermelon, tart cherries, tomatoes, raspberries and blueberries to your diet to stay cool and still eat healthily.

  1. Switch Hot Beverages For Cold Ones

E-Importz report that more than 50% of the American adult population enjoys at least one cup of coffee every day. Coffee and tea, as well as hot chocolate, are popular hot beverages that people enjoy during winter. They warm you up from the inside. Coffee also has some positive effects on the human body – it can boost mental performance and even elevate energy levels. Unfortunately, regular coffee and tea may not be the most appropriate beverages to have when summer strikes. Luckily, there are alternative solutions – iced coffee and iced tea. These two drinks are delicious, taste like coffee and tea, but instead of being hot, they are served cold. There are alternative to hot chocolate to, such as a chocolate milkshake – simply visit the cold drinks isle in your local grocery store to have a look at the many choices.

  1. Continue Exercising, But Be Cautious

Even though summer shoots up temperature levels, you should not stop exercising. You should, however, be more cautious of the effects that the higher temperature levels have on your body while you work out. You could opt for training at a gym that has air conditioning installed or you could take advantage of the fact that you will not be freezing outside and start to participate in some outdoor exercises. Just be sure to keep yourself hydrated at all times, not to exercise in direct sunlight and to monitor yourself – if you feel exhausted or notice rapid heartbeats, then it might be a sign of heat exhaustion or, even worse, a heatstroke.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is not only important during exercise, but should be an essential factor during the entire day – especially during summer as you will sweat out a lot of body fluids. The average recommended daily water intake for an adult person usually varies between two and three liters. Boldsky, however, recommends increasing this amount go about three to five liters of water per day during summer. They do explain that the specific amount will depend on certain factors – such as whether you easily get dehydrated and the amount of physical activity you do on a daily basis.

  1. Keep Your Home Cool

While eating foods that will cool you down and stay hydrated are all excellent tips for cooling yourself down in the summer, you should know that they will not ensure the environment you live in is cool. Heat from the outside can enter your home and stay there for hours – this could even cause your room to be much hotter at night. To keep your home cool, the most obvious option would be to use your air conditioning system, but not everyone has one installed in their home. For homes without this type of convenience, Care2 recommends installing shades for the windows in your house that points to the west or east and delay any activities that produce heat until later in the day when the sun has started to go down. They also recommend using both ceiling fans and floor fans to provide an evenly distributed air flow throughout the house.


Summer can be tough if you do not know how to keep yourself and your home cool. The heat cannot only be unpleasant, but also lead to fatigue, dehydration and other symptoms that may even be harmful in some cases. Learning how to keep cool is important – by joining a publication, such as Glozine Lifestyle, you can teach yourself how to enjoy summer with no side-effects.