Saturday, October 1 , 2022

Hero dog save cat’s life after it was hit by a car and lay dying


Not so long ago we at BBN brought you an article titled 20 Reasons You Absolutely Need A Dog In Your Life. Just add one more reason to that, you can locate and possibly save the life of them if you have a dog like Toby.

A pet dog saved the life of his owner’s dying cat after he discovered the lost feline, which had a detached pelvis after being hit by a car, stuck in brambles. Kevin and Louise Errington thought their beloved cat Stewart had wandered off when he hadn’t been seen for more than 24 hours. But when their golden retriever, Toby, wouldn’t stop barking at a bramble bush in their back garden in Staffordshire, they discovered the black-and white cat badly injured, curled up under the bush.

Hero dog save cat's life after it was hit by a car and lay dyingRealising their pet appeared to have been hit by a car, paramedic Kevin and veterinary nurse Louise managed to free their pet with seceteurs before rushing him to vets for emergency surgery. Vets agreed that if nine-year-old Toby hadn’t gone hunting for the cat, Stewart would almost certainly have died. Kevin, 57, said: ‘Stewart and Toby are the best of friends. We were starting to worry when we hadn’t seen Stewart for a day, but we weren’t too concerned. But Toby knew something was wrong.

‘We let Toby out into the garden and he ran to the bottom of the garden and was barking and barking at this bramble bush. He kept looking over at us and barking, but he wouldn’t leave the bush. ‘Eventually we went over and that’s when we found Stewart. It looked like he had been hit by a car, and had somehow dragged himself about 50 metres from the road back to our garden – even though we found out later that his pelvis had been completely detached from his spine.

‘Toby is an absolute hero. When we found Stuart, he was down in the brambles, freezing cold and only minutes from death. ‘Toby wouldn’t leave his side. They really are the best of friends. ‘Stewart will sleep with Toby in his basket. Normally cats and dogs don’t get on but these two will even rub noses.’ Louise, 51, adopted Stewart after he was brought into the vet surgery she worked at – he had been discovered dumped in a wheely bin with plastic lodged in his throat.

And as soon as he was taken back to the couple’s home, he and Toby became firm friends. Five-year-old Stewart is believed to have been hit by a car. His pelvis had been separated from his spine and he had also suffered a broken leg. He had been missing for 24 hours when Toby found him cowering in the bush in the back garden of their home.

Within minutes of the discovery, Stewart was under the knife at Endon’s Willow Veterinary Clinic.

The lucky feline is still suffering from significant nerve damage in his right leg but for now he is making a good recovery.

Paramedic Kevin, 57, said: ‘I’ve seen some bad things in my job but I don’t think some humans could have endured that level of pain and injuries. ‘Toby was definitely the hero of the day.’ Vet Victoria Poole revealed that without Toby’s heroics, Stewart was unlikely to have pulled through. Victoria said: ‘We got an emergency call and within minutes of their discovery, Stewart was here. ‘We had to give him hypothermic treatment as he was in shock. He then had orthopaedic surgery and stayed with us for a few days. ‘Dogs quite often find other ill animals and alert someone to something abnormal. But it was still a good, heroic deed by Toby.’

Source – Daily mail Online.