Hi-Tech Airports in the United States

Hi-Tech Airports in the United States

Hi-Tech Airports in the United States

Since the rise of the Internet, much of the world has undergone immense change. The web has completely altered a multitude of industries, and travel has certainly been one of the most transformed. In the past few decades, the entire travel industry has experienced immense alteration and it seems that this trend is only continuing further as the 21st century endures. One of the biggest changes that the travel industry has seen has been the improvements throughout the numerous airports in the United States. Many of the country’s older and less advanced airports have recently seen investments into their infrastructure and have become significantly more hi-tech. As there have been more improvements into the various airports in the USA, the culture around air travel has changed immensely as well. Learning about the top hi-tech airports in the United States will certainly expand your knowledge of the subject and may even aid you in planning your next travel adventure!

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

Because of the many changes in the travel industry, Texas has become an increasingly popular destination for domestic and international tourists. The state has undergone massive change in the past few years, and Dallas-Fort Worth is becoming one of the top cities for travel throughout Texas. Because of the increase in tourism, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) has been implementing new hi-tech features such as facial recognition technologies and adding a new DFW airport parking service that aids passengers to park their cars quicker and easier. 

Tampa International Airport

Another top hi-tech airport in the American south is Tampa International Airport. As one of the premier airports in the state of Florida, Tampa International has numerous excellent features. One of the best aspects of the airport is its architecture, boasting a Landside/Airside design with a central terminal that connects to four satellite air terminals and gates. Serving over 90 destinations throughout North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe, Tampa International is the 29th busiest airport by passenger traffic in North America. 

Indianapolis International Airport

One of the top airports in the Midwest of the USA is Indianapolis International Airport. This airport is home to the second largest FedEx Express hub in the world, and has been ranked as the seventh busiest airport for air cargo in 2015! In 2008, a $1.1 billion investment was made into the passenger terminal and was one of the first designed and built within the USA after the September 11th attacks. In 2018, plans were set forth for tech services company Infosys to build a US training center on the site of one of the airport’s former terminal buildings. This airport is sure to impress any traveler with its excellent amenities and hi-tech services.

Final Thoughts

As the 21st century progresses, air travel will become even more hi-tech and airports throughout the United States will continue to support the advancements of their airports. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Tampa International Airport, and Indianapolis International Airport are three of the most hi-tech and advanced airports in the United States, and understanding their excellent facets will allow you to realize what makes these locations so great.