Thursday, October 6 , 2022

Holistic doctor who claimed to have found cure for cancer and AIDS found dead in police custody


By: The Hearty Soul

The world renowned herbalist Dr. Sebi, born Alfredo Bowman, died earlier this month while in police custody in his native Honduras. He was a man known for claiming to have the cure for almost every human disease, including cancer and aids.

Dr. Sebi was initially arrested in May after being found with over $37,000 on him in cash. He was released shortly after but rearrested on suspicion of money laundering on June 3rd, a situation he remained in until his death on August 6th.

At 82, he had lived a long and fruitful life, which included fathering 17 children. He had been the personal physician to a range of superstars including Eddie Murphy and John Travolta and he successfully fought against a supreme court decision, which had attempted to stop him practising medicine and had claimed his cures were fraudulent.

In spite of all of this, his death went largely unnoticed. We examine five of the biggest mysteries that remain unanswered about the life and death of one of this almost mythical herbalist and healer.


Although his criminal records have never been released, media reports have suggested he was detained for carrying a large sum of money. Considering the high profile people he had worked with in the past, it remains unclear why he shouldn’t have been in possession of vast quantities of money on him.


Dr. Sebi spent the last six weeks of his life in police custody as he awaited an official court date. There appears to be no clear reason as to why the Honduran judicial system was so slow in processing his case. The crime itself wasn’t considered serious and should have been dealt with quickly so he could leave the prison on bail.

Aids and cancer cure

There are very few people in human history who would make the bold claim that they have found a way of curing patients of aids and cancer. However, that’s exactly what Dr. Sebi claimed to have done by altering the diet of his patients. He believed that you could detox your body by cutting out all meat, seafood, and processed foods. By eating leafy greens, raw nuts,  quinoa, and rye instead, you would boost the body’s ability to fight off disease to such an extent that it could fight off the diseases of its own accord.

Court Case

The claim that you can cure aids doesn’t go unnoticed, especially if you run an advert in the New York Times – which is exactly what Dr. Sebi did. In 1988, he was arrested and charged with practising medicine without a license and fraudulently claiming to have an aids cure. He was famously asked by the judge in the court case to produce one patient who could vouch for having been cured; Dr. Sebi subsequently produced 70. The judge ultimately ruled in his favor.

Marginalized figure

Despite the fact that Dr. Sebi proved in a reputable court of law that his claims that he had found a cure for some of the most devastating diseases in human history were not fraudulent, he remained largely unknown throughout his life. Mainstream media didn’t report his death, and very few column inches were taken up by his healing philosophy. This was a man who claimed he could save millions of lives through his healing treatment, but no one listened.

There is no doubt that Dr. Sebi’s life and death are shrouded in mystery. Was he kept quiet to allow big pharmacy companies to continue reaping huge profits on ineffective drugs? Or were his methods just passed off as holistic ‘mumbo-jumbo?’ Regardless of the answer to those questions, Dr. Sebi committed his life to trying to help people who felt they had nowhere else to turn. For this reason alone, his death should be mourned.