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Holistic and Fit Dentist, 41, Found Dead of Massive Heart Attack While Jogging


By Erin Elizabeth

Holistic Dentist Found Dead

Dr Abdul- Karim was a holistic dentist who helped the underprivileged, and had a Non Profit foundation set up 2 years ago to do just that. His fraternity brother, patient and long time friend said that his friends July 21st death just “doesn’t add up”. He was found lying on the side of the road at 10 PM, EST by a passerby. RIP

Many of you know that I “broke” the news as gently as possible with an unintended series of articles on almost all the doctors who have been murdered or found dead in the last monthor so, mostly in the South East, mostly holistic. We knew some of them and it breaks our hearts.

So it brings me no joy to report on the death of this amazing man and dentist, who I’ve been researching now for the better part of the evening, after someone sent me the information that he’d died suddenly while training for a half marathon. Dr. Hakeem Abdul-Karim, DDS, P.A, better known as “Doc”, appeared to be extremely fit and was only 41 years old. He is described as a man of faith and strong character who left behind a nonprofit foundation that he started to help the underprivileged, which I hope will carry on his name. The more I read about him on the holistic sites (that rave about him) the more awesome I see he was.

His long time friend and patient had this to say about his death:

Greenville artist and former Daily Reflector pressman Pearless Speller said Abdul-Karim was his dentist, a fraternity brother and longtime friend.

“I found out on Wednesday,” Speller said. “He was a very active guy, played basketball every Sunday after church. He ran a lot and didn’t eat pork or beef or any red meat. He ate fish and chicken. He was cautious about what he ate. It just doesn’t add up”

“Doc” wasn’t your typical dentist or typical person by any means. From what I read about him, he excelled in every way imaginable; besides being in top shape and having extensive training in dental surgery, he treated severely disadvantaged children and even mentally ill patients. His website says he practiced “preventive dentistry” and his Facebook page shows he liked many holistic sites such as the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (which I suggest you all like) as well as “Healing with Nutrition”, several functional medicine pages, and other natural holistic websites. References to him on Facebook note that he was a kind, gentle man who loved what he did and was very involved in his church.

He also had an A+ rating on the BBB’s site, no complaints that I see of, and had many five star reviews from his patients who clearly adored him.

From the You Caring Fund Page for his Non Profit foundation:

Doc was a man who loved people, especially disadvantaged children, and he loved the Lord with all of his heart.  For many years, Doc gave generously of his time and his treasure in support of those passions.  About two years ago, Doc established a private non-profit foundation to ensure that his passion would survive beyond his lifetime.

We’re sure he never expected his lifetime would be so short.

There was another site reporting on my stories and they added a young dentist to the list(we’ve not reported on any holistic dentists until now) who recently died in Florida. I didn’t do the story (Dr. Castellano, age 44) because I couldn’t find a cause of death and, unlike a few other Florida doctors who died, I didn’t have friends or patients in common to talk with to discuss a cause. But Dr. Abdul-Karim, 41, was holistic and his cause of death is clearly listed as a massive heart attack, apparently suffered while training.

He may have been very fit and just died of natural causes, even if his friend says it simply “doesn’t add up”. I’m certainly not saying that he didn’t, but with so many other holistic MD’s and DO’s (and now a dentist) dying suddenly- doctors who were so healthy, fit and vibrant- I decided to go with my gut and do the story.

If nothing else, people can see the great work “Doc” did and know that the world lost another wonderful man who was just 4 days away from his 42nd birthday! Perhaps someone will be compelled to share this story or donate to the You Caring Page for his Non Profit foundationso that he may continue to help others, even in death.

With every other story I’ve done, I end up receiving emails from patients (and sometimes family members) who often have more information; I hope that is the case here, too. Remember 6 of those who were found dead within the last month or so were found here in the South East (most here in Florida). I know some holistic doctors who are worried and understandably so, I’m also concerned for my better half who also happens to be a holistic doctor.

Rest in Peace, “Doc”. May the foundation carry on your name to help others for years to come. My heart goes out to his friends, family and legions of fans who obviously loved him very much.


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