Horse Care – Must- know tips and Tricks at a glance!

Horses can make wonderful companions if treated right and having a horse can be gratifying. Same as human horses seek love, attention and proper dedication towards them. It is a very responsible and expensive task to take care of your precious horse. If you do it right, your companion for life will live up to 35 years or more while being fast, strong and enduring. It is your responsibility to adhere to its basic requirements and care as the owner of your horse. These basic requirements of horse care include proper feed, proper stabling, rest exercise, general health care, vaccination, deworming and more.

The proper feed-First thing in horse care!

The most basic meal for this naturally gazing animal is grass and dust, mold-free hey in optimum quality with plenty of fresh and clean neutral water. Clean water should be made readily available throughout the day though they usually sip once or twice daily. The quantity you feed depends on the type of the horse you own and how frequent you allow it for gazing. The amount of work and exercise it gets too affects its food habits. Sometimes you will have to give supplements to fulfil the nutrition requirement. Always consult your veterinarian when selecting the appropriate supplement for your horse. 

While giving an adequate meal, regular monitoring of its weight is crucial to understand the health status of the horse. Same as humans, a sudden drop or a rise in weight can indicate a health problem in the animal. Overweight is very risky for horses which make them prone to the painful condition known as ‘Laminitis’. As prevention is better than cure, these records should be maintained to use whenever needed.

Proper stabling, rest and exercise play huge roles in horse care                             

Horses need proper, well-arranged stabling for their wellbeing. A neat, clean, dry shelter should be readily available for your horse to rest and protect it from different weather conditions. Most importantly you should clean the stables daily. Making them isolated in box stalls can cause behavioural problems in them due to lack of exercise, mental stimulation and companionship. As horses are born to run and move in the wild, their bodies need an adequate amount of exercise. They should be allowed in safeguarded pastures with other horses daily if possible giving them the opportunity to exercise. Horses are herd animals. They need the company of other horses very much.

General health care

Horses have teeth which grow continuously. They should be checked by a qualified horse dentist or a veterinarian at least once or twice a year to avoid sharp point and edges in their teeth. These crude teeth can cause pain and difficulty in chewing which can eventually cause choke, colic and weight loss in your animal. Hooves of the horse to need to be trimmed or shoed every six to eight weeks by a farrier or a blacksmith. Shoeing the horse is only necessary if the horse is ridden on hard, rocky grounds. Otherwise, their hooves have the ability to get strengthened naturally.

Proper grooming is crucial to own a happy and healthy horse. Including CBD oil in their diet has many advantages that are explained well by theyucatantimes. A healthy coat is a good sign of a healthy horse. Use recommended utensils and tools to groom your horse. Brushing mane and tail carefully, conditioning them properly and massaging them regularly are very important. Getting the service of a qualified harrier is recommended in horse grooming.

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Vaccination and deworming

Channel a qualified veterinarian to vaccinate your horse to prevent diseases like viral respiratory disease, strangles and tetanus. If not vaccinated properly on time, these diseases can be deadly. Deworming the horses regularly is another very important care aspect to avoid the poor coat, colic and weight loss. Follow the advice of the doctor on deworming. Meanwhile, you should remove faeces regularly out of the stables and rotate the pastures of gazing. That practice is more important than medications.

If you no longer can take care of your horse make sure to hand it over to a proper care authority or a person who will fulfil the above mentioned basic requirements. Do not ever neglect your companion who once served you.

Before buying a horse make sure that you could provide to its basic needs properly as it is very time consuming and expensive. Daily supervision on health and wellness, adequate exercise, cleanliness, heaps of love and companionship is essential to keep your precious animal happy and healthy. Last not least, make sure to have a plan for your horse in an emergency. An emergency can be costly, therefore have a plan once you decide to have a horse.