Wednesday, September 28 , 2022

How and What to Choose For Your Wedding Day

Wedding days and engagements are known as girly events, they must be because Women get a lot things to shop.

Bride and bridesmaid are the main persons in such events. You can not deny the urge of women about their looks on their big day.

Their dresses, jewelry including gold chains and initial necklace, hair bands and tiaras all must be excellent. To be very honest the only glory of weddings are because of the beautiful women adorned with heavenly articles.

Wedding days are directly and significantly influenced by cultures, casts, races and regions. In the western areas women wear white or off white cream colored dresses while men rely on the black dress code. If we move across the world we would see that in eastern sides where races are very concerned with their cultures, each region has got its own beauty.

For instance in south east Asia you can witness over a 100 wedding styles in India. The most general one is the bride wearing heavy jewelry. The grooms also wear some glitter and heavily crafted dresses and turbans. These weddings are more than once in a life time event.

In this article I will try to highlight what are some dos and don’ts for buying your wedding day articles.

The Dress

Your dress must be affordable and reliable. Why? I want women to realize the significance of their wedding dress. You are not supposed to wear your wedding dress only at that specific day.

You must have an urge to look that much pretty even after your wedding. So whenever you get to buy your wedding dress keep in mind that you will be wearing it even after your wedding.


No one wants to get bankrupt right after their wedding. This is why whenever you choose to buy jewelry for your wedding make sure that it is affordable.


You are not bound to get some specific design but always find some unique and attractive design.

You ought not to get a hop notch brand. You can go to some local designers and order a dress of your choice.

You can get some contrasting designs with your groom as well.


Never ever skip the dress code for your bridesmaid. They must look as pretty as you.

For instance if you are wearing a dark color then the bridesmaid must wear a light dress.

This contrast will not only highlight your dress color but it would also add an enchanting effect to your event.


Weddings and engagements are events to remember. Pictures and videos are the only way of capturing the smiles on your faces.

Photography, is now trending. There are a number of ways for editing.

Technology has revolutionized picture and vide quality. You can add different things in your picture.

Invest in your Jewelry

You can invest in your wedding jewelry, so that when you get stuck in a rainy day it might help you.

You must be very wise

In some countries white gold is preferred while in others it is the gold. Whatever you buy make sure that it is going to be an investment. Although you would be having an idea of looking pretty and attractive but why lose an option of investment even at you wedding.


In some cultures, you do not need to pay much for food. If you can afford then get some light food. Heavy foods are not for wedding. It will not only cost you much but would be a stress for you.

However if you feel like serving good food then make sure that it is not more than required.


Wedding is a life time event. Making it a wonderful day is only possible when you decide to be a smart buyer.

Smart buyers always do a situational and need analysis before getting their hands on anything they thought would be good for them. Always remember would be good and is good are two different things.

Lastly, the main thing to focus is happiness, if you are not happy after buying so much things then everything is useless. Make sure that you are happy with your decisions.