How bachelor's in Digital Marketing is different from certification programs?

How bachelor’s in Digital Marketing is different from certification programs?

Higher education is more valued in workplaces as it can efficiently demonstrate your expertise and skills in the given field. Digital marketing has been gaining humongous popularity because of digitalization. The increased use of the internet has fastened the growth of organizations through applying digital marketing. It holds the capacity to reach a broader target audience who can be transformed into potential customers. A well-designed digital marketing course can equip you with cutting-edge knowledge and skills relevant to the industry.

Many courses are available in the market, ranging from diplomas in digital marketing to bachelor’s degrees and certification programs. A bachelor’s degree is different from a certification program in several ways. The certification can work as a supplement to your bachelor’s degree with new skills of industry-specific knowledge. In comparison, a bachelor’s degree can keep you updated with the changing needs of the field but can take longer to complete. 

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Certification courses are narrowly focused and allow the students to explore actionable skills required to work in a particular industry. It is best for learning industry-specific knowledge to demonstrate your expertise. In a bachelor’s degree program, the courses are outlined to cover vast knowledge, which is necessary to complete the work-related task. However, holding a graduate degree or certification in digital marketing can open doors for lucrative job opportunities. 

There is immense scope for pursuing a digital marketing course because of its growing value across the global market. The global digital marketing market was estimated at $290-$310 billion in 2019, which has risen to $330-$340 billion in the year 2020. 

Pursuing a digital marketing course can help you land a dream job and allow you to work at the heart of the most trending job. A diploma course in digital marketing can offer you a certification to help you seek employment in the digital marketing industry. The diploma program in digital marketing usually spans a one-year duration. Graduates of a diploma in digital marketing can take on the following job roles:

  • Marketing Research Specialist
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Advertising Analyst
  • Internet Site Manager
  • Marketing/Advertising Administrator
  • Media Relations Manager
  • Web Marketing Manager
  • Online Marketing Manager

The plethora of job opportunities available for a graduate of digital marketing attracts many students. Digital marketing has become one of the most sought-after courses that can be a proven pathway to a successful career in the modern business and corporate industry. 

A well-designed diploma course in digital marketing focuses on covering the major topics relevant to working in all aspects of digital marketing. Here are the critical subjects that form the syllabus of the academic program:

  • Introduction to Branding and Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Marketing By Google Analytics
  • Copy Writing
  • Campaign Management and Compliance
  • Google Analytics
  • Website Building and Design for Marketers
  • Search Engine Optimization

The diploma course covering such topics can be ideal for individuals and professionals who want to start or fuel their career progression by earning a certificate in digital marketing. Hone the most in-demand skills and stand out from the crowd with your maximized potentials. Apply now to know more about a digital marketing course!