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Understand the ultimate guide to product packaging design and let the package convey the story you want to tell. 

Product packaging plays a vital role in keeping the world organized. Whether it’s the packet of our favorite M&Ms, a bottle that holds the fizz of a coke, or a luxury gift hamper. The packaging we use for our items is essential. Before you start designing the packaging of the products, these three crucial questions will come to your mind.

What is the product?

It will help you understand what the musts for your product packaging are. If the product is delicate, you need a secure packaging for it. If the product is large, then custom packaging solutions will fit the requirement.

Who is buying the product?

Getting to know your targeted market is a must before starting the product packaging. Anyhow the packaging should be appealing for all age groups.

How are people buying the product?

You need to understand the packaging differently, depending on where the product is going to be sold. If it is sold online, being shipped, or be sold in the market, all need different requirements.

Information you need to collect

Requirement of brand

The product packaging should be done according to the condition of the brand. Make sure to use exciting colors and Pantone matching values. Proper fonts should be used for giving the instructions. The logo on the product can be made with a vector file, preferably. 

Content that goes with the packaging type

Thinking of a pretty unique content for the specific product takes time and effort, so make sure it’s all sorted out before you move on to design the packaging. You can use exciting photos, or use some enticing words in the description, so people are tempted to buy it. If you have food or related cosmetic products, then a detailed report is required to attract customers.

 Likes and dislikes the relating style

It’s a great idea to research some right techniques before starting the product packaging. The designs you are opting for should be for the customers and not necessarily of your choice. For example, you may want to opt for a vintage look, but while selling motorcycle jackets for biker mums, this may not be the perfect choice of packaging. One other important factor is keeping the budget in control and targeting higher profits. 

Give proper information

When you are selling your product in the market, let the customer know the exact detail about the product. It should be the centerpiece of the design you are opting for. E.g., you are selling tomato ketchup. Let the customer know that the tomatoes are organic or a photo describing with which ingredients it is prepared.

Clarity of your product

It’s wise to opt for a packaging that defines your product’s story. Customers won’t buy things they don’t understand. One of the most important things is not to misinterpret your product while choosing the packaging design. E.g., while selling biscuits, you put a photo of muffins that are raisins on the package, but in the actual product, only one raisin and no muffins in there. Customers will feel cheated and won’t buy the product boxes next time.

Is a 3d packaging suitable for your product

Choosing the right packaging design can be hectic, and you may need a lot of brainstorming. Let a good designer show you a demo of the design, both print-ready and in three dimensions as well. You can also create a printing on cardboard boxes of your choice. Or try printing on a white paper and see how the final construction looks like. Check and understand the difference wisely because sometimes an image may look perfect when flat but won’t be appealing when it’s entirely constructed.

Think about how the package will look like in stores

You should choose the product packaging design, thinking about how appealing it will look when displayed in the store. Mostly when the product is displayed on the store shelf, they are lined up in such a way that you can see only one side of them. Print the most essential information on the front and center. Think wisely how your packaging will look when the product is placed on the top of each other or see if you need a distinctive pattern on it. Visit the store where your product is being displayed, customize your box, check out how appealing it looks and where it is placed. Do compare it with your competitor and think of better ways to gain success.

Keep the design versatile

If you have only one flavor of Aunt Miranda’s Famous Hot Sauce currently, but you want to introduce two more flavors of Aunt Kelsey’s Infamous Buffalo Sauce and Aunt Sasha’s Secret Caesar Dip in future. Think wisely to modify and accommodate the new variations and designs for the product. Wholesale product boxes can be the right choice.

Is the packaging re-useable?

It may not be necessary for all the products, but at some point, you might want to consider reusing the packaging. E.g., the bag may be reused into a grocery tote. Or if you are planning to sell gardening gloves, you can re-design it and present it as a planter. It is undoubtedly going to be smart and functional and profitable at the same time.

Gather feedback

Before you finalized the product packaging design, make sure to collect valuable feedback from the people and stakeholders alike. It will help you do better. Retail boxes are quite in vogue these days.