How Can I Get Donated Shoes for My Shoe Drive?

When you decide to try your hand at an innovative way to raise money like a shoe drive for a cause, there’s a million to one questions that go through one’s mind. The initial question is: How are you going to get the shoes donated in the first place? 

Shoe drives aren’t your regular run-of-the-mill fundraiser. 

Rather than collecting donations, you’ll invite your neighbors, family, and friends to each purchase at least one shoes – particularly picked out for a kid in need.

Shoes are So Much More Than a Simple Need

For homeless children, walking in worn out shoes, hand-me-downs, or perhaps just shoes that do not fit is actually all too common.

Worn out shoes could very easily make children feel as they do not easily fit in at school. They may injure feet and hurt self-esteem. They may make children feel less than.

When you plan to host a shoe drive you provide homeless children with new shoes to enable them to feel special, comfortable, and confident.

Rather than asking the donors of yours to create you a check or even take out the credit card of theirs, a shoe drive fundraiser engages your supporters easily and a fun. During a shoe drive fundraiser, you question the community of yours to collect lightly used, used, as well as new shoes.

What’s a Shoe Drive?

Before we talk about an internet shoe drive, let us first appearance at the conventional Shoe Drive. The shoe drive is actually a fundraiser type where supporters are actually requested to donate carefully used shoes. The shoes collected are often sold to organizations like Angel Bins. They then contribute these shoes to the less fortunate.

That said, I’m sure by now you’re wondering just how you can go about getting enough shoes to make the most funds from a shoe drive fundraiser. It’s actually easier than you’d think.

How Do You Collect Shoes for a Shoe Drive?

Just ask anyone you know. This could be your colleagues, neighbors, and friends. It can even be people that you run into  at school or perhaps in your country club.

Trust me when I say  that would love to make their closet spotless and clutter-free while making a difference to someone who really needs the shoes that would otherwise keep collecting dust in a corner. 

By collecting shoes, they are able to enable you to bring hundreds, perhaps countless numbers, of pairs of shoes in concert.

Fundraise for Your Cause By Collecting Shoes

It doesn’t matter how small or big your cause is. In either case, you are asking individuals to unclutter the closets of theirs by donating shoes. 

Organizations like Angel Bins will pay you per pound of shoes as well as send these shoes off of to a  micro entrepreneur network to ensure that they’re able to promote them at prices that are reasonable. They make it easy for the less fortunate to get a pair of shoes while you collect cash for your cause.

Shoe Drive Ideas

You will find actually a few shoe drive tips since you do not have to merely collect shoes in one huge go. Obviously, the diverse shoe drive is regarded as the clear approach though you are able to also concentrate on sneaker recycling. 

The sports footwear drive could offer variety and numerous shoe drive suggestions for both you and your friends or team. 

You are able to especially work together with your sports teams to fundraise for the upcoming difficulties, for instance. Other athletic footwear drive suggestions might be supporting the dance of yours, track or perhaps marching band teams. 

Sneaker recycling affects a lot of us and the activities of ours. Thus, talk to your colleagues and friends and then contact us. We will help you choose probably the very best way forwards.

How Much Money Can a Shoe Drive Make?

This truly will depend on how much you are able to gather during your shoe charity as well as just how much you’re for us to gather.

Typically, two pairs of shoes weighs in at one pound and also you are able to make up to a number of thousands of dollars for around a thousand or so pairs of shoes. 

And so get out there and begin collecting shoes. You will get a bit of cash for this and keep in mind that just about any sneaker recycling energy is actually great for the earth.

The best way to Organize a Shoe Drive

Donating shoes is actually simple, and your chosen organization will assist you with the strategies. Basically, you need to make certain you leverage social media almost as practical and get volunteers to assist you in case you are able to.

For instance, will the shoe drive be taking place over the course of a few days? And just exactly where are the drop off locations going to be? 

The best organizations are going to make it easier to work through all the questions to ensure that your footwear fundraiser is actually covered.

Why Shoe Drives Work

Whatever your reason may be, a shoe drive is actually an excellent and exciting way to get donors to participate with a unified goal. This works extremely well because individuals don’t have to write out a check to your business.

Yet another excellent example the reason a shoe drive campaign is excellent for you are company is actually many people would want to purchase your shoes then provide you with cash.

This is the reason why so many people prefer purchasing present cards for someone’s special occasions or birthday. Often times I have noticed ladies complain when they’re requested to provide cash for occasions such as a bridal shower.

Final Thoughts

When you decide to host a shoe drive fundraiser, you advertise social responsibility as well as community spirit with convenience and ease. Additionally, you are bound to have fun with something as easy as collecting shoes.