How Can I Keep Myself Safe from Being a Victim of a Pedestrian Accident?

Pedestrian accidents are often quite severe, given that the hardware of a robust vehicle is unavailable to protect the victim. Instead, the several-thousand-pound car’s full energy is hurled at them, often dealing life-threatening damage or taking their life entirely. There are several factors that continue to be causes of pedestrian accidents time and time again. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to avoid becoming the victim of such horrific accidents.  

Use Crosswalks When They Are Available

Though simple, this practice may save your life one day. Jaywalking is one of the primary contributors to the rate of pedestrian car accidents nationwide, as motorists do not have the traffic signaling provided by marked crosswalks. Without the clear lines and indication to stop, a driver is unlikely to expect anyone to step out into the street, and therefore, will be unprepared to make a sudden stop to accommodate you. 

If there are no crosswalks available to use, be extremely cautious if there is a need to cross the road. Wait until there are either no cars in sight, or for there to be a significant distance between you and any oncoming traffic. Only cross at appropriate sites (i.e., at traffic intersections or stop signs) and never look down at your phone while doing so. 

Wear Reflective Clothing

Whether you are walking around at night or in the early morning, making yourself as visible as possible is essential to your safety. It can be tough for drivers to see people when driving in dark environments, even when their headlights are on. Reflective clothing or gear (such as dog leashes) will ensure that you shine in the light, helping the driver to avoid you, thereby keeping you safe. Never wear dark clothing in such circumstances, or you may go completely unnoticed and be struck by an unaware motorist.

Avoid Walking When Inebriated

Most people know to avoid the dangerous habit of drinking and driving. Unfortunately, few understand that alcohol does not mix well with walking in public locations either. Although you may feel as if you are in greater control of your safety since you are not operating a vehicle, remember that alcohol negatively impacts your equilibrium.

Drunk pedestrians are highly likely to wander into the road, or engage in irresponsible behaviors that could very well cost them their lives. If you do need to walk home after having a few drinks, call a friend to pick you up or only walk with a sober group.

Remain Vigilant

Drivers are not perfect. Many actively engage in dangerous habits such as texting behind the wheel or other forms of distracted driving. To compensate for these behaviors, you need to practice vigilance when walking about in public spaces. Stay on sidewalks, keep your head up, and avoid checking your phone excessively or engaging in other activities that keep your eyes down. Remember to always look both ways before crossing the road as well, since many drivers are prone to running red lights.

Unfortunately, in some cases, drivers will still manage to hit pedestrians who follow these rules. If you have recently been struck by a vehicle while walking, get in touch with a pedestrian car accident lawyer today. They’ll help you secure the compensation you need to care for your injuries as quickly as possible.