How Can I Make My A-Level English Tuition Effective?

How Can I Make My A-Level English Tuition Effective?

A level English tuition is not necessary. However, it is highly recommended that you get it—not from any average institutions but those with good track records like Phi Learning Singapore

What’s the difference? Well, you can get by without A-Level English tuition and perhaps even do well in your exams, but would it be the best quality of work that you could produce: Most likely, No. 

Taking or making A-level English tuition will help you understand and learn about the intricacies of language use and how to express yourself more effectively; this will ultimately make your life easier because instead of figuring out how to communicate effectively, you will already have a demonstrated understanding of it. This knowledge is invaluable because English isn’t just an exam subject; it permeates almost every aspect of daily life. 

For example, the admissions officer might ask you to write about yourself on your application form for university or college. If you are unable to express yourself well in writing, then your chances of being accepted are dramatically reduced. Therefore having some A-level English tuition could help you with that essay and ultimately bring your dreams within reach!

A level English tuition is also necessary because the sheer amount of information you have to absorb during this course can be shocking at first. As time goes by, though, it gets easier, but even then, you still have to write many essays, usually at least once a week. 

Without some A-level English tuition, it can be challenging to retain all that information and find a way to put it into practice effectively enough for your grades to improve. The grammar rules you learn in class are not enough because the key thing about using language is knowing when and how each rule should be applied. 

You may know what’s right or wrong grammatically speaking, but applying your knowledge could prove tricky if you don’t know why. For example, you can mistakenly write “her” instead of “she.” Why? Because these are words that don’t sound exactly the same but mean the same thing with the only difference being how they’re used! 

This kind of mistake can often happen without some A-level English tuition because learning all the rules is only half the battle. The other half and perhaps even more important than knowing all the rules is; knowing when to apply them. 

For example, if you want to express that something belongs or relates to someone or something else, then you use “belongs.” If there is no connection with another person or thing, though, you use “is” instead, e.g., “the car belongs to me” but “the milk is mine”! In this case, you used one verb when you should have used the other simply because you didn’t know which one was right!

So, how do you make your A-Level English Tuition effective? Here are the Top 7 Tips to Succeed

First things first: If you want your A-level English tuition to be effective, then you have to embrace it fully. Going along to a tutor may be expensive, but if it helps you get the grades you need to fulfill your potential and get into the university of your choice, it’s worth every penny! Here are eight ways that might help you get the most out of your A level English tuition:

  1. Be ready and able: Make sure you read over any notes you make before your lesson because knowing exactly what was covered last time will help both of you progress more quickly; there’s no point wasting valuable time going over the old ground!
  2. Have a go yourself: You don’t have to take all the information your English tutor spouts at face value. Always use what they say as a springboard to forming your own ideas and opinions about how language works, so long as you remember where these insights come from.
  3. Listen carefully: It may be tempting to zone out when someone is talking, but this will slow down both of you and could lead to confusion in the future if you misunderstand something meaningful (and that’s not very effective). Try and keep focus by listening in full instead, even when it feels like there isn’t anything new. There are several study techniques to improve focus that you may want to use. The key is pointing out what could be causing your loss of concentration and working on it.
  4. Keep up with regular practice: If the regular practice is done correctly, then it can work wonders for your grades and English in general, but if not, then you’re wasting your time! Make sure that what you do is effective; ask your tutor for help with this because they can give you more targeted A-Level English tuition.
  5. Don’t shy away from complex subjects: A Level courses require a lot of studies, especially in English Language and Literature. Subjects like these make the most demands on the most difficult part of the language; vocabulary; so don’t let it dishearten you, and definitely don’t neglect it!
  6. Find a way to make it fun: Whatever you do, if English isn’t your favorite subject, then don’t let this put you off. Find a way of learning that interests you and motivates you to get on with things. Whether it’s by letting some music play in the background or watching some tutorial videos at home before the lesson, choose something that suits your personality.
  7. Practice what you’ve learned immediately after each session: A-Level English tuition can be exhausting because it gives many new insights which need thinking about actively, so make sure that whenever possible, practice any new skills or information straight away! This will help consolidate these ideas in your mind for next time.
  8. Learn to take criticism: Not everything you do is going to be perfect; everyone makes mistakes, even native speakers. If your A-level English tuition tutor criticizes something you’ve done, then don’t take it personally but instead use it as an opportunity to improve.

The Bottom Line

A-Level English tuition can be tough at times because it is both complex and challenging, but the rewards are well worth the effort! If you make an effort to embrace your tuition fully, you will get more out of it. So come to your lessons with a positive attitude, keep up with regular practice and learn from criticism; you can achieve good grades.

We offer an effective A-level English tuition program in Singapore, so if you’re interested in it, please do not hesitate to contact us to book your slot. 


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