How can slot games impact negatively on some people

Playing online super free slot games as well as the traditional land based version of these games is an entertaining pastime that many people love. It keeps them occupied, gives them something to look forward, makes them happy, and in some cases (although these cases are very rare indeed) it can even make them extremely wealthy. 

Yet despite all the good that can come from playing slot games, there are negatives to think about as well, and some people are very badly impacted by their love of online slots. Here are some of the reasons that this happens and why you need to be careful if you start to experience any of these behaviours and ‘symptoms’. 


The bare truth of the matter is that some people can become addicted to playing slots. They spend far too much money and time playing either at a pub or bar, in a casino, or at home on their laptop of mobile devices. They might find they are using all their spare time to play online slots rather than doing other things that they used to enjoy such as sport, reading, or even watching TV. 

It can become a big problem. 

However, not everyone who plays slot games is going to become addicted, and it isn’t the games themselves that cause the addiction exactly, although they certainly don’t help. There are some people who have addictive personalities, and that means they become very focused on just one thing, often switching that one thing from time to time. It might be alcohol, drugs, gambling, buying items online, researching a specific topic, or anything else. The problem is that when it comes to slots this addiction will cost a lot in terms of money and relationships.

Trying To Chase Losses

Even if you’re not addicted to slot games, you can still end up playing them much more than you should. This happens when you start to chase your losses, which is never a good idea. Chasing losses means that you keep playing in order to win back all the money you lost, only for most of the time you’ll go on to lose more. Then you’ll feel you need to play even more to win that back and so on. By the end, you’ll have run out of money and lost a lot more than you ever would have if you’d stopped after the first few losses. 

When playing slots, either in a land based casino or in an online casino, you need to set a budget. And you need to know that you’re likely to lose every penny of it. That way, the pressure is off – you’re playing with money you can afford to lose, and you’re playing to play instead of playing to win. 

Relationships Suffer

We’ve already mentioned how some slot game players can become seriously addicted to these machines and how it impact their lives in terms of finances. But it also causes problems in relationships. If you are spending more time playing slots than you are spending time with your partner, children, parents, friends, and so on, then you’ll start to find your relationships break down.