How Cloud Computing Is the Best Career Option in 2023

Welcome to 2019, where technology rules the world and every company is seeking to adopt cloud for every new product of theirs. Want to make a career in cloud computing and their platforms then join Intellipaat GCP, Azure and AWS training in Bangalore.

This comes as no surprise is it is now more obvious than ever that cloud is a path to innovation. Cloud is literally everywhere. Cloud is the backbone of your favorite social media platform, most online learning platforms and literally everything else. One can learn more about the cloud platform, by taking up a cloud computing course, which in turn will help improve innovation.

While cloud was previously applied majorly in transferring on-premises infrastructure in your data center to a cloud platform, today, the benefits of cloud have become obvious to the point that companies now make use of it in adding new features/details for their new innovations (their products and their services)—at least, the ones that have a software-level integration.

A few years back, big data, machine learning and AI were seen as luxuries and of course, it was great to have them. However, in recent times, they have become essentials.

To crown it all, cloud is cost-effective.

It gets better. Very soon, the multi-cloud approach makes it that teams will require knowledge on making use of services from several platforms (like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform).

All these advantages and growth patterns of cloud technology is a pointer to the fact that there is no future of humanity without cloud in the picture.

Forget those traditional occupations you were once told about, cloud is indeed the best career option anyone can look to venture into in the year 2019. This article goes on to explain why that statement is a fact.

The major reasons any career/profession at all would be held in high esteem include:

  1. Relevancy of the profession
  2. Financial power of the professionals in the field
  3. Opportunities in the field

While the relevancy of cloud has been explained and we can now agree that cloud technology is highly relevant, the median salary for cloud computing professionals in the year 2018 was $146,350. Getting a certification in aws architecture (for instance), will fetch you a lot of money. Of course, while training, you might need to spend on solutions architect associate – hands on labs practice tests. If I were you, I may also need to pay someone to write my essay. However, in the end, it will be worth it.

In fact, there is no profession that is as relevant to future innovations and sustenance of man as cloud. The fact that cloud technology has been applied across various sectors including the health sector confirms this.

Talking about opportunities in the field of cloud technology, they are literally endless. While many individuals complain about a lack of job opportunities, 50,248 cloud computing positions exist in the United States today. These jobs are from a whopping 3,701 employers!! On a global scale, there are 101,913 open cloud technology positions in today’s world.

To crown it all, Amazon, Oracle and Deloitte have the highest numbers of open cloud computing jobs today; as they perpetually search for professionals with skills in Linux, Java, Software Development, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker, DevOps and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). The thought of working in world class companies like this alone, is very soothing.

Also, if you are looking to work in cities like San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, Washington DC, VA, New York-Newark-Jersey City, Arlington-Alexandria, CA, Chicago-Naperville-Elgin, and NY, San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara; you can be sure that a career choice in cloud will fetch you that, as those are the five cities with the highest number of cloud computing jobs in 2019. The numbers of cloud computing opportunities in these places are also set to skyrocket.


These facts also indicate that the demand for cloud computing skills and expertise will continue to experience massive increase. If you are looking to confirm the future prediction of opportunities, relevance and financial benefits with cloud as a career option, Gartner TalentNeuron (a talent market intelligence portal on the internet) will confirm the opportunities ahead of you.