How Covid-19 Has Affected Intimacy And Sex

The world is under tension and fear due to the current pandemic, Covid-19, which has almost changed the way of living and styles of doing daily activities. People have been forced to change the scope of life and adapting to a new life. Covid-19 is a disease spread through respiration and affects breathing organs. If you come into contact with an infected person, you can quickly get the effect. The moisture or saliva of the infected, especially from the mouth, if these fluids enter your mouth, nose, or eyes, you become affected by Covid-19. This has forced people to avoid socializing, usually not to get infected, which has changed the intimacy and sex activities.

Intimacy and sex during Coronavirus

Intimacy is the way people feel free to interact, especially lover partners. More expressions of love between the partners become excess when they are close to each other. At this moment, there is a world pandemic crisis; most areas have been under lockdown and curfews, restricting the movement of people in specific areas. In this way, lovers have most find time to stay together and have fans. If you have one, how much have you enjoyed during this pandemic? You may be lucky if at this time you have been together with your partner during the quarantine.

How should partners live during Covid-19?

In many instances, Covid-19 is spread when cough, salivary, moist air from the person with coronavirus come to contact with your respiratory parts. These droplets can too stay in surfaces of objects, and you can acquire the disease when you touch such surfaces and wipe your face. It is essential if partners you take such precautions not to transmit the virus during your quarantine. For you not to spread Covid-19, keeping social distances is one of the critical measures everyone should observe. This has also been a challenge to love partners since its hard they keep this social distance. If your partner is not a coronavirus victim, no need to fear each other and have love fans.
If you are working and the nature of the job you are attending needs you to travel, you need to take care of yourself and your partner. It is because walking to risk areas that may have coronavirus cases you can get affected. Therefore, take necessary measures to avoid the virus at home.

Is sex during Covid-19 with your partner safe?

Sex during this period is not bad, but it is more important to know whether the person you want to have sex with is affected. It is not confirmed that sexual intercourse fluids can carry the virus from a Covid-19 victim to a person who is not infected. Perhaps, kissing and exchange of saliva during sex with an infected person may lead you to affect. Most transmitting agency of the coronavirus is through breathing moist air, or saliva droplets. During sex with your partner, you have to keep closer at that because you almost share the same environment and breathe the same air. In other instances, having sex with several partners is a risk of getting the virus, because those partners may have come into contact with affected people by the disease.

Getting sex partner during this pandemic of coronavirus

Do you want to find a sex partner during this pandemic? If yes, then it is not wrong to find a lover or a companion, but several factors should be considered. Sometimes the signs of Covid-19 from an infected person may not show out. A person may walk around with a virus without knowing that is affected. This puts other people’s lives at risk because they may freely interact with the person with any protection. Therefore, when finding a lover, you have to take precautions such as being tested for coronavirus and partner.

Sexual problems have it been affected by the coronavirus?

Before the pandemic, there may be existing sexual problems with your partner. Whenever there are such problems, it is essential to seek help . It is because some sexual issues are solved using pills, of which during this pandemic, it may have become hard to get those medicines. Some partners should use tablets to stand sex, such as ED, the Erectile Dysfunction, which is the erecting problem. ED may come in three ways;

  •   erecting at moments of not feeling to have sex
  •   erecting during sex and does not last long to sustain the sex 
  •   failure to erect at all

When these problems are striking through couples or sex partners, it may bring some issues to the relationship and end up disuniting.

What may increase ED problems this time of Covid-19?

Some factors may speed up and increase erectile problems. They include,

  1. Psychological problems such as depression, fearing to fail in sex, anxiety, which probably increase the rate of ED. At the time of Covid-19, partners may be under stress due to lack of money, food, or other issues that are giving the discomfort life. Due to this, they may end up losing their feeling to do sex.
  2. Relating Health factors and individual behavior. The style of living and activities that you get involved also matters on your health. Using drugs that are not recommended may affect your health, and side effects can appear as erectile problems. Also, not doing body exercise can lead to overweight, which is likely to acquire at this time; people are under quarantine. Overweight can even cause problems in erecting.
  3. The presence of certain diseases in your body can also increase the chances of having erectile issues; an example of such diseases as hypertension and kidney diseases. There are shortages of medications to such conditions due to low supply. If you are a victim of these diseases, sometimes you may end up not taking the required dose because it is not available. When pills to pull down the percentage of hypertension in your body, you may experience more health problems that lead to erectile failures.


Covid-19 is affecting the usual activities to people, therefore understanding it is real; you should adapt and introduce a new way of living. It’s crucial to care about your partner at these moments and take all precautions to avoid transmitting the disease. Choosing your sex partners should also be considered an issue currently and make the best measures with the one you love. If there are sexual issues with your lover, understanding one another is only the way to fight against break up.