How COVID-19 will affect the job market in 2020

It is only a few months since the COVID-19 struck in, and the impact left behind is extremely severe, especially in the economic growth sector. Many workers, both in formal and informal employment, have experienced drastic changes. Some have lost their jobs, some have had their salaries slashed, while others have been forced on unpaid mandatory leave. Business owners and company management systems have also experienced tough moments. The employment rate has gone down drastically, with business owners experiencing nothing but extreme losses. 

The pandemic has improvised the rule of “work from home” but then, how many people within a state can manage to work from home? Well, very few can manage the idea. Many people are used to handling their job tasks in an office. Many people wake up with hopes of standing strong again, but the effects of COVID-19 are severe if precautions are not put in place. As the situation continues to worsen, we ask ourselves, what will happen in the months and years to come mainly in the job market? Let us discuss the effects of COVID-19 on the job market below. To learn more about the state of job security, Click here.

Effects of COVID-19 to the Job market

The job market is affected mostly due to the pandemic outbreak. As a result, top CEOs, managers, and employment experts have to rethink the operations of the businesses. Below are some of the changes impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • The use of IM and emails instead of physical meetings


As a businessperson or a career director, chances of meeting with potential clients or potential workers are low. Most activities will have to take place on online platforms since most people are working from home. Both job seekers and employers will be affected. Job seekers find it hard to visit different companies searching for employment opportunities. The employers, on the other hand, won’t risk holding physical meetings through conducting interviews. In the end, most people will consider using emails.


  • Reduced business travels


Every business involves traveling from one city or state to another and also from one country to another. However, since the pandemic knocked in, the whole universe is affected globally. There are no more trips from one place to another since most countries have gone the lockdown way, meaning no traveling in and out of a particular area. In the end, potential workers can’t get their dream jobs, and employers can’t recruit potential employees unless they work through online platforms. 


  • Reduced job posts


In the coming days, top companies will cut off some job posts, and some employees will lose the job. This will make it hard to promote other employees to higher levels. All this is because of reduced returns to the business, which makes it hard for the business operation. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has hit almost every corner of the universe. Almost all sectors from businesses, schools, and companies are largely affected. People have lost their jobs, business returns have gone low, and the overall economic growth has reduced globally. However, it can’t be the end of everything because most people have embraced the art of working from home.