How Do Crypto Gambling Bonuses Work?

How Do Crypto Gambling Bonuses Work?

There are many types of bonuses available at the different crypto gambling platforms. Moreover, many people who play casino games find these bonuses confusing and challenging to acquire. However, understanding how these bonuses work will help gamblers easily make a lot of gambling profit in the casinos.

Many players consider bonus information from respectable sites as a valuable resource. However, this article will explain the variety of bonuses available on crypto casinos and their wagering requirements. Therefore, please pay close attention to this article to know how these bonuses work and qualify for them in crypto casinos. 

Wagering Requirement of Crypto Casinos: What Gamblers Need to do to Qualify for Crypto Casino Bonuses

Before we explain all the special categories of bonuses present in crypto casinos, we must discuss the wagering requirement. The wagering requirements are the starting point in any gambling process, and often, most gamblers get confused at this stage.

It refers to a punter’s requirements before qualifying for a special bonus. For example, if a player needs to pay a deposit plus 10x before cashing out and then loads 0.25 ETH. Such players will receive another 0.25 ETH bonus – that will then add up to 0.5 ETH. Now the player has to stake this 0.5 ETH at least 10x before they can be allowed to withdraw any winnings. That means the punter has to make 2.5 ETH worth of bets.

Moreover, some casinos sometimes require you to play your bonus within a certain period. Working with the example above where a player starts gambling with 0.5 ETH, in this case, gamblers do not need to play 10x; therefore, they might make the 2.5 ETH worth of bets before the stated period.

Another requirement of major crypto casinos is in the game section. Most casinos have numerous games with different providers. However, these games have unique wagering requirements. For example, to qualify for bonuses on slot games might be utterly different from that of table games. However, gamblers need to pay attention to these unique requirements.

Crypto Casino Bonuses and How They Work 

  • No Deposit Bonus

One of the most straightforward casino bonuses is the No deposit bonus. To get this bonus, players have to Register an account at any casino offering them, and they will receive the reward, usually in cryptocurrency. Before getting this reward, most casinos automatically send them to your accounts; there is no need to deposit. Other crypto caSinos will want you to claim the bonus through email or a confirmation form on their website.

However, some casinos place Place limitations on this bonus. Still, they indicate their requirements in their terms and conditions, ensuring it is available for customers. One of the standard requirements is maximizing and minimum withdrawal amount.  

  • Match Bonus

A match bonus is another fascinating reward customers earn when depositing at a crypto casino. The platform matches your last deposit with a particular percentage of your total stake. To illustrate, let’s say a crypto casino offers you a 100% match bonus of up to 1.0 ETH. They will then allow you to get 100% in free money on any deposit up to 1.0 ETH.

Beginners of crypto casinos always benefit immensely from this bonus when they make their first deposit. However, like the No deposit bonus, they have some limitations. Therefore do well to discover these limitations to qualify for the rewards.

  • Free Money Bonus

The free money bonus does not depend on the assets deposited in the casinos. However, gamblers know what they will get if they follow specific instructions. For example, if a crypto casino offers you free 0.1 ETH if you deposit 0.3 ETH to give a total balance of 0.4 ETH, however, if you deposit 0.2 ETH, the casino still gives you 0.2 ETH. 

However, ensure you discover if the bonus the casino you want to pick is offering you is a free coin bonus or match bonus while choosing the casinos. Most casinos that offer high match bonuses do not provide free coin bonuses. However, others who provide free coin bonuses have reduced match rewards.

  • Sticky Bonus

A sticky bonus offers you the opportunity to play free games, but you cannot withdraw the rewards. However, once you meet the sticky bonus requirements, you can play with them in the following rounds. Examples of casino games with sticky bonuses are the slots games. These bonuses offer up to 4 re-spins in some slot machines. 

Moreover, most crypto casinos offer sticky bonuses up to 0.1 BTC. Therefore, gamblers can be motivated to keep playing in the crypto casinos even with a sequence of losing streaks. Games like the age of the god’s slot ok have sticky bonuses, which is why many punters love to play slots on them.

  • Exclusive Bonus

These are bonuses for a particular group of players on the crypto platforms. Major crypto casinos have exclusive deals for their members. These bonuses have high values, and they are easy to get once you belong to the categories that deserve them. However, they too have certain limitations stated clearly in the terms and conditions of the casino.

  • Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty bonuses are for customers who have played for a long time at the casinos. The value of these bonuses is always high, and players need to meet several requirements before qualifying. Moreover, they are the rarest set of rewards in the crypto casinos, and they are always in the form of any coin offered by the casino.


This article has discussed the several types of bonuses available on crypto casinos concerning their wagering requirements. These bonuses include a No deposit bonus, match bonus, Sticky bonus, etc. Therefore, we hope this piece’s information is sufficient for you to qualify for the available bonuses on crypto casinos and get the best gambling experience.