How Do I Find A Moving Company?

There are a bunch of important factors that you need to take into account when you’re preparing for a move. When you hire the packer and mover experts, they make the entire process a lot easier and more convenient. However, it will definitely increase the overall budget. But moving is surely a back-breaking process; therefore, it will be better and will add relief to you if you decide to hire the experts from a moving company such as Bellhop.

The professional movers will make the entire day run smoother and free up your time for other important moving day activities. You can easily find national moving companies for your instant moving process. Some of the important tips that you should always consider while selecting the moving company are mentioned below.

  1. Trust the recommendations from trusted people:

You should always ask your friends and relatives about their experiences with the moving companies or if they want to suggest any moving company. There are chances that you might not find the most relevant reviews about any certain company. However, your loved ones will definitely suggest you the best one.

Furthermore, it is quite obvious that you might end up getting negative reviews as well. But go with the majority of votes.

  1. Positive and good reviews:

Once you have made a checklist of all the desired moving companies, you can take the help of the online reviews to shortlist the names further. Probably, you won’t find any fake review. People take out time from their schedule to write a review if they’ve had a good or bad experience. So, both these types of reviews are important to know before hiring a moving company. Companies implementing an automated digital home move process are gaining attention and positive reviews due to its convenience.

  1. Analyse the track record:

You should probably hire the experts from a well established moving company with a successful track record. If you go for a newly set up moving company, then you won’t be able to analyse all the positive and negative sides of their final output. Plus, you won’t find many reviews about the movers. So, you must discern a general idea of the company’s record as far as being on time, keeping rates fair, and maintaining a good condition of possessions.

Until and unless you do not get any extra glowing recommendations about a new moving company, stick to the one that has proven their competency over time.

  1. Fair price range:

When you make a phone call to the moving company to book a slot, they’ll give you a rate based on the number of hours and number of movers you’ll likely need from them. However, keep in mind that you might have to pay some extra amount in case you need additional packing materials. The rates are potentially higher to move large, heavy objects, or other incidental add-ons.

The representatives of the moving company usually do not give an exact estimate over the phone. But they can definitely guide you with the general idea of how much you’ll be spending. Always be free to ask about what constitutes an extra fee, and then if they are not forthcoming with the information, move on to somebody else.


A ton of people move from one place to another, and while only a small percentage experience moving company fraud, it’s not unheard of. There are thousands of people who offer a man and van in Liverpool, Bristol, London and other big cities, and sometimes verifying a company’s legitimacy isn’t easy. You should check for their company’s active license and check their service records, and make sure they have a valid physical address. You also have to be attentive of any mover that asks for a deposit, especially if they’re asking for more than 20 %.