How has technology impacted the beauty industry?

It’s fair to say that the beauty industry has transformed over the past few years. Each year a new trend or treatment emerges and becomes the ‘in thing’ to do. With beauty trends constantly outdating themselves, it begs the question – does this have anything to do with the rise in technology? 

For years, fashion/beauty magazines have dominated the way people view beauty. If you wanted to find a new trend, beauty product or model, you would scour the latest beauty magazine to find your answer. However, times have changed, and the time once spent looking through magazines is no spent scrolling through social media platforms. 

Social media has reconstructed the way we view beauty. Celebrity and non-celebrity influencers dominate our pages, constantly highlighting the new trends we should be trying. Using paid ads, they can use a picture to promote a product, making it so much easier to spend money on the things you want. 

However, there is a lot of controversy surrounding influences and for good reason. There has been a spotlight on celebrities/influences editing their photos, creating an unrealistic image for people, especially young girls, to strive for. Thankfully, more people are discussing these issues and more influential figures are breaking the mould and posting real and unedited photos to their accounts – creating a positive movement within this community. 

As technology has advanced within the beauty industry, so have the products on offer. Companies are trialling new products that revolutionise the way we see and think about beauty. Also, new technologies are allowing beauty companies to become more environmentally friendly. Companies are constantly finding new ways to help the environment, whether that is through reduced packaging or ingredients in make-up – this is a positive movement. 

Advanced technology has seen cosmetic procedures become more popular. Years ago, there was little research into the benefits of having a cosmetic procedure. Yet now, with the right company, the new technologies in place make it a safe option for people looking to enhance their face/body. The increased demand for cosmetic work could be due to the impact of social media influencers, as people desire to look like them. 

Who knows what the next beauty trend will be? With the industry fast-evolving, the outlook is unknown but exciting. With new technologies, skills and knowledge, the beauty industry will continue to go from strength to strength.