How the Free Meal Program By Randolph Foundation Helps the Youth?

Single parents have to provide everything they can for their children so they don’t feel that something’s missing from their life. Single parents give their children a shelter, food, clothes and a lot of love and affection and it’s all which takes to be a loving parent and guardian. If you’re a single mother, there’s always some challenge in your life. From keeping up with your children needs to complete the tasks your boss has given you, it’s all a big mess really. Single mothers have to keep their house clean as well as take care of their children. It’s all possible but it can drive you insane sometimes. Too much work leads to destruction. In this case, what really gets destructed is mother’s mental peace.

Is there anyone who can look after your children so you don’t have to worry if your child has eaten or not? If they’ve eaten, is it really healthy and good for your child? The worrisome questions always linger on a mother’s mind. Being a single mother isn’t easy, especially with your work life. It’s a bit like moving mountains. You can’t do it but you try clearly knowing it’s impossible. Single mothers look for some kind faces who can look after their children and keep up with their need. All while single mothers go conquering the world by keeping up with their professional life.

If you want your children to have bright futures, all you need to give them is a good nutritional food with a lot of learning. But really matters is your child’s health. Healthy brain only resides in a healthy body and healthy body is only built if it consumes good quality food. Children are a mother’s anchor and support. If someone is giving their children anything to stay hydrated and fit, mother gets happy and calm and proceeds to do her work without any worry. With the growing population and in need of best food, it seems a little difficult for a single mother. She can starve herself but can never ever see her children not getting enough nutrition. A mother knows that food is important for her child’s development and growth. 

At last single mothers have to look into free meal programs for their kids. They are often sponsored by many organizations and NGOs. These type of programs ease financial burden as well as mental burden from single parents. But are these programs really beneficial? What goes into children’s stomach is good for their health? This is something that you don’t know until you try it. These types of programs really help by giving your children free meals after school. You only have to fill out a form or write a letter to enrol into it. Your children can learn and take nutrition all while being in their school! Isn’t it the best deal for single mothers!?

In these free meal programs, they give snacks and drinks to your children if they are under 18. After school your children can get the food to feed their hunger and it really eases mothers’ stress. Single mothers and their children are partners and these partners have to maintain a type of harmony in their life to exist through this world. If their child is enrolled in one of these programs she works hard all too well knowing her child is in good hands, getting the nutrition he needs.

If you’re from Metro Atlanta Area, The Randolph Foundation can surely help you to get your child into their Free Meal program for youth. All you have to contact us and we’ll be ecstatic to help you. We offer 2 meals and a snack for your children under 18 and take care of their nutritional needs. Single mothers should not get worried when their children is in our hands because we treat them like they are ours. We take care of not only children but also of single mothers because they are untold heroes of our society. 

You can reach out to us through our website or our email and we’ll let you know about all the services we provide and overall details you need to enrol your kids into Randolph Free Meal Program!