How to Balance Life as a Working Mom and a College Student

How to Balance Life as a Working Mom and a College Student

One in four college students today are parents, and 76% of those students are women. Balancing parenthood and school is difficult enough, but adding a job into the equation can be even more overwhelming. 

However, school costs money, and the sooner you can pay off those loans, the better. Balancing school, a job, and raising a child sounds like a lot but achieving these goals will set an amazing example for your kids. 

Are you a working mom struggling to earn your degree? Keep reading for some helpful tips for balancing school, work, and raising a child. 

Working Mom Tips for College: Organize Your Time

Returning to school is already a huge time commitment. Factoring in your child’s schedule, your work schedule, and the odd activities and appointments can be extremely overwhelming. 

The best advice for organizing your schedule is to make a calendar that includes every last task that needs to be completed each month. This means assignments that are due, playdates, doctors’ appointments, and updating your work schedule as you get it. 

Having all of this information in one place will help you stay organized. It also helps prevent burnout and brain fuzz from having to remember every important thing that needs doing. 

Utilize the Age of Technology

With the advancement of technology, it’s become more common to do most things online. Consider being a work from home mom, as 4.7 million people in the U.S. earn money by working online at home. 

This can help you save money on daycare programs and commute costs. It’s also flexible, so you can divide your time up easier between work, school, and being a mother. 

Earning a degree online is another way to use technology to your advantage. Online schooling allows you to return to school at your own pace. 

Adults return to school online every year to make it easier to balance jobs, children, and other life events. If you can work and earn a degree online, you’ll have a little more time to spend with your children and deal with other events life throws at you.

Look for Resources

There are a lot of resources you can utilize to save money and time as a working mom going to school. First, research scholarships for adults returning to school to reduce the cost of your student loans as much as possible. 

Finding a support group, either online or in-person, can also help by giving you a support system and new ideas on balancing a busy life. Social media sites like Facebook allow you to make and join groups of people who are going through the same thing as you. 

Lastly, take advantage of your school and work facilities. Take a few extra snacks from the lunchroom for your kids, or utilize the gym on your campus to save on membership costs.

Super Mom to the Rescue

Now you have some tips that will help you balance being a working mom and going to school. Utilize this advice to prevent burnout and getting overwhelmed. 

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