How to Be a Successful Commercial Property Manager in 5 Steps

Good commercial property management is vital if you own an office block, retail units, or any other business premises. 

A commercial property manager will often look after all aspects of the running of the property. Depending on the scale of the building, this could be a large undertaking.

So, what makes a good property manager? And, what should you look for in a property management company?

In this article, we’ll be sharing how to be a successful commercial property manager in five steps. 

1. Communicate Effectively 

As a commercial property manager, you’ll need to be able to communicate effectively with a range of different people. For instance, you’ll need to be able to negotiate purchases and leases with sellers and landlords and be able to communicate with tenants.

As your tenants are likely to be businesses themselves, having confidence in your communication abilities is essential. 

2. Be Able to Deal With Risk Management

With any commercial building, there is a health and safety factor to consider. You must be able to carry out risk assessments on your premises on a regular basis and provide adequate protection for fire safety and security. 

Be prepared to audit your health and safety and security procedures often to ensure you’re doing everything you can to keep your employees, tenants, and visiting members of the public safe in your property. 

3. Manage Facilities and Ensure Buildings Are Well Maintained

The commercial property manager needs to be able to ensure that the building is well looked after. This might mean managing an in-house team of cleaners and maintenance staff, or it could mean bringing in external commercial cleaning services and contractors. 

At all times, the property needs to be maintained to the highest standard. This will give a professional impression and ensure the building is safe. 

4. Be Organized

The job of a commercial property manager is complex and varied. It is therefore essential that you are organized in everything you do. Use scheduling tools to keep your workflow from getting out of hand. 

5. Look After Your Tenants Needs

Your tenants will have varying needs depending on the type of business they are in. One of the qualities of a good property manager is resourcefulness when it comes to meeting the needs of your tenants. 

Spend time getting to know your tenants and understand their business. The more you know about what they need, the better equipped you will be to be able to deal with them. 

How to Be a Successful Commercial Property Manager

To be a successful commercial property manager, you will need to be able to manage complicated situations. You may have several different tenants to look after and you’ll need excellent communication skills to manage them. 

As a commercial property manager, you will be responsible for the health and safety of everyone in the building. It is therefore essential that you focus a lot of your efforts on ensuring safety and security compliance is the best it can be. 

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