Saturday, October 1 , 2022

How to Become a Front-End Developer

In this modern world, presently, one of the most in-demand roles are Front end developers. We are enjoying Internet black holes just because of them. If you want to be a front end developer you need to work on a few projects and follow a track to stand out your portfolio. Before understanding the skills required for becoming a Front-end developer, we must know who is Front-end developer and what are they doing for Front-end development?

Front-End Developers

Front-end Developers work on the interactive and visual website elements. They are a bridge between the back-end developers and designers. Therefore, they should be tech-savvy and creative at the same time. A front end web developer is implementing web designs using coding languages such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. There are a lot of choices available not limited to programming language-wise, but frameworks, regarding tools, and technologies as well. Let’s discuss some skills that can help you to become a good front-end developer;

Learn CSS and HTML

The fundamental block for Front-end development is CSS and HTML. These languages required expertise to grow in this field. The good news is that the basic understanding of these languages required a couple of weeks. Many websites are available to help you to learn HTML & CSS.

Learn Java Script

JavaScript enables you to add huge amounts of interactivity to your website. All the popups, image sliders, and collapse buttons are built with the help of JavaScript. Most of the professional’s opinion is that the most popular language of programming in the world is JavaScript. On the most basic level, JavaScript is used to control and create things such as the maps that keep informed in real-time, online games, and interactive films. 

Build Things

After learning the basic concepts, your target should be working on the projects. Ensure to work on a few UI elements or websites. You should keep this in your mind that the requirement of the website is compulsory for you that can deliver a good user experience in different types of devices like tablets, mobile, or desktops with a large screen.


JQuery is a library of JavaScript. It is a pool of extensions and plugins that makes easy and fast JavaScript development. Instead of coding everything without any preparation, jQuery gives a front end a chance to web developer add instant components to projects, then customize as per the requirement (a reason understanding the importance of the JavaScript). The usage of jQuery is for the things such as search form autocomplete, countdown timers, resizing grid layouts and automatically-rearranging.

Reading Skills

The Reading skills you have can really impact your way to reach a position of a worthy front-end developer. Particularly, at the start, you need a lot of reading to understand front-end development.  In the beginning, try to read a lot of guides, articles, and manuals for doing something different and innovative. The reading of different people’s code can also help you.

Front End Frameworks

Bootstrap is a front-end framework that is very popular. It provides you the facility to enhance common templates of the UI like image slider, forms, icons, typography on your website. It provides a jumping-off point for quick coding. You should know how to use them and the working of these frameworks as it is the expectation of the job for “front-end developer” to be aware of them.

Know your Tools

When you start your front-end development journey, you have to decide the toolkit you need and the services to make your work stress-free. It is a very important thing to learn about different tooling options. Effective and efficient tools are very useful for automation and enhancement of the workflow of your front-end development.

Chrome developer tools are very popular tools for your help. Because it can help you play with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript in real-time and also provide you the instant view that you are required to learn things speedily. Furthermore, npm, node, bower, and different other excellent tools are available to expedite your regular work. 

Version Control System

Version control systems enable you to track the changes made for the code over the period. They likewise make it simple to return to a previous version in the event that you screw something up. Instead of scrambling to manually answer all the errors and undo it, you have the option to move back to a past version and afterward attempt again with an alternate solution. It will save you precious time as well as provides you the confidence to attempt different other new things.

Be the Middleman

Being a front-end developer, a professional must be aware that he put himself in the role of a middleman. A professional should be getting in touch with the QA people, UX experts, other developers as well as the clients. He has to take many viewpoints into attention. Because of that, in addition to learning the fundamentals of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, a professional required to ensure that he has the ability of clear communication with others.

Resolve the Problems

There is a thing that a good front end developer must have is problem-solving skills. Regardless of the official title or job description, a professional should have good skills to face problems. To figure out the best design to implement, to fix crop up bugs, also figure out the implementation of the front-end code performance with the backend code, all are these related to creative problem-solving.

Wrapping it Up

The way to become an effective and efficient front-end developer will always need different stages to cross and a lot of time. Learning different front-end programming languages and frameworks is not all about becoming a front-end developer. It relates to the responsibilities, roles, and interaction as a front-end developer. Attend front end web development bootcamp to learn the right skills as well as processes and best practices.

A good front-end developer never stops learning. A professional front-end developer must have some patience to grow up. It does not make any sense to rush because it can affect you and make you unhappy. Always remember that you should have fun while experimenting and learning.