How to become a Successful iOS Developer in 2021.

Whenever one thinks about developing an application/web-based application one question always comes in our mind, i.e. What does a developer do?

So, a developer actually builds, tests and refines an application for a particular OS. Here as we’re talking about iOS let’s think what an iOS developer does. 

The iOS developer does nothing but the same things that a developer does, the only difference is they develop the mobile application ONLY for Apple’s iOS that are consistent and matches the goals and standards of their company. 

The applications are developed by the developers according to the requirements of the firm who see what their clients want. The Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV be able to adapt their applications.

To become a successful developer one should be fluent in programming languages. For iOS, the most commonly used programming languages are Swift and Objective-C. The next question one gets is “how to learn it?” There are a lot of e-learning websites that provide certifications and even a degree, one of them is Udacity’s iOS Nanodegree as it has some really good reviews on the internet.

You can visit the site and get a clear view of how it works, what is the job scenario, what is the entry-level salary that is paid to an iOS developer, etc. 

But if you ask me, I would say for being successful in something proper research about the specific thing and having complete interest in it helps a lot. Once you become a certified developer, start developing a project on your own. 

This helps a lot in building your resume and catches the eye of the recruiter as well. In 2019 the demand of an iOS developer was huge, the developers got paid an annual average of $83,671. If you’ve an experience of less than a year, you get pegged around $68,000. 

The next thing that comes to our mind is how to develop the skills? What courses should one enroll in? What toolbox is required to become an iOS developer?

 In this article, I will try to answer all your questions and give you a clear perspective about the developing field. 

The following are the skills that should be in the toolbox of any iOS developer:

  1. Xcode 
  2. Swift
  3. Building User Interfaces
  4. Integrating Design Assets
  5. Networking and Working APIs
  6. Grand Central Dispatch
  7. Working with Databases
  8. Working with the Third-Party libraries
  9. Unit Test
  10. Source control and team tools
  11. Design Patterns
  12. Git and GitHub

The next question is What exactly an iOS developer does? The answer to it seems very easy that they write programs and develop apps, but that’s not actually what they do. They do write programs but it has a process which they have to follow in order to get the perfect outcome. 

Their significant traits as a software developer should be:

  1. Logical Thinking and Problem Solving.
  2. Spatial Thinking and System Design.
  3. Abstract Thought, imagination, and creativity to fine solutions. 

If you’re thinking to start your career in developing field you need to have the above traits. It is important for a developer to understand what the client wants and then come with multiple solutions for the problem statement which has both logic and creativity in it. 

It is a complete Skill based thing. The growing demand for an application developer is huge now- a- days. Let’s take a scenario wherein you’re working in an agency, developing apps. From the project manager you get the project spec. This will include everything you need to build the application properly. To understand the flow, the spec will have a wireframe that shoes screen transitions. 

Generally, you will work with the designer who will give you custom assets and colours that you need to make your app great. If your design looks amazing then your app looks amazing even if you’re still a junior developer. So, plug in your headphones and start developing your app.

As far as working with the other developer goes, generally saying not many developers work on the same project/app. At the same time. Many times there is only one iOS developer who builds the entire app or even multiple iOS developers, but not more than 3 for a single project. 

What is iOS?

Swift is a programming language used to write applications, and iOS is an Operating System in which the application runs. You’ve heard about iOS6,7, etc. and now we’re all up to iOS14. The operating system keeps progressing and then programmers get access to more and more powerful and entertaining features.

In conclusion, I will say, if you’re ready to be in demand, an iOS developer is a great choice. Even if you have little to no experience in programming/developing apps, you can get all the study material and good courses on the internet, provided you are ready to study. 

All the best.