How To Brew The Perfect Beer: A Step-By-Step Guide by Melvin Brewing Topics Talk

Have you always wanted to brew your own beer?

Are all the guides out there confusing you when it comes to brewing?

Do you know which elements are going to help you get the perfect brew?

Is it possible to get some fantastic expert advice from the best in the industry on brewing?

If you have to ask these questions of late, then congratulations, you have come to the right article!

If you always been intrigued about brewing the perfect beer but did not know how to start, we are going to help you. According to brewing experts, brewing is as much a science, as it is an art.

This means that you would need as much help from science and technology as you would from experience and YouTube tutorials. In recent years, home brewing has grown all over the world. From relatively modest beginnings into full competitions, home brewing is becoming huge.

In this article, Melvin Brewing, one of America’s foremost breweries helps you brew the best beer.

A Perfect Guide to Brewing: The Steps

  • Select the right ingredients-

Everyone knows the basic ingredients when it comes to brewing. The malts, the barleys, and the hops form the fundamentals. However, the key is where are you buying them from. It is always better to buy the ingredients from a farmer’s market rather than from your supermarket shelves. Going organic is another way to impart that natural goodness.

  • Choose the right Beer brewing Equipment-

Brewing home beer can be both affordable as well as expensive. All of it depends on what kind of equipment you are using. You will always need a Bucket for brewing, some siphon hose and a good quality bubbler. While you can get these things from Amazon, it is best that you visit your nearest store and ask experts for the complete demo.

  • Set the right Boiling Temperature to Steep-

Most people who fail at home brewing make the mistake of over boiling and steeping over extended periods. Melvin Brewing states that you should set the temperature at 80 degrees Celsius. The Steeping process should not be done for more than twenty minutes. It is important to not boil the grains too much as it should never be overcooked.

  • Malt when the time is right-

It is important not to hurry this, as it is probably the most important step of the brewing process. The steep needs to cool down to 70 degrees Celsius before the malt is added. This imparts the best flavors of the malt into the brew. After adding the malt, you would need to add the water and the yeast to start the fermentation process.

  • Play the Waiting Game-

After you have done all the work, you are naturally over eager to see the fruits of your labor. However, it is important for the brew to grow and settle for at least two weeks before you see the finished result. If you do not see any bubbling from the bubbler, you have done well. Wait another three days after this and you are good to go.


Brewing the best beer is all about patience. Most people also ask about the costs involved. Let me state that home brewing is not a cost-effective mechanism.

However, the majority of people who home-brew want to do it for their passion. It is something that gives you bragging rights in front of your family and friends over a barbecue.

By following the above step-by-step guide, you can rest assured that you will end up crafting a good brew.