How To Build A Gentlemen Image At Your Hookups

Just because it’s a hookup, doesn’t mean you have to forget all your manners. If two people are getting together and giving each other a good time, they both deserve respect. This article focuses on how men should behave like a gentleman to make their date feel special. You should make this time to be a memorable experience for both of you. You wouldn’t want your date to regret her decisions after it all is over. Make sure you join the best hookups apps, attract only real women, and build a gentlemen image to give your date a great time. 

Decide a Classy Place Yourself

Don’t put the burden of deciding a good place on her. Do some research and ask people about the classiest place that is in your budget. It will also help if a waiter or manager of that place knows you.

Text before You Leave to Pick Her

First, it’s best if you go to pick her up from her home. It shows good manners and that you care. It’s equally important to text her before you leave your house and don’t be late than the time you promised.

Don’t Complain About Waiting

Even if you reach one hour late, you might still have to wait half an hour more. Consider it a right of women and wait like a gentleman. Do not complain about the traffic, wait, or delay; instead, give a nice smile and awe when you see her. 

Open All Doors for Her

A gentleman never lets a woman touch any door and doesn’t pass first. Start by opening the door of your car when she is getting in. When you reach the destination, get out first and open the car door so she can get out. However, make sure it doesn’t look like you are trying too hard. 

Pull the Chair Out for Her

Even if she is a pro-feminist, she can’t overlook good manners. Choose the seat with the best view and pull it out for her. You should see on YouTube how to properly pull out a chair for a lady. 

Make the Date About Her

First dates are interviews. She learns things about you, and you will learn things about her. You need to make sure that you don’t keep talking about yourself. Make the date about her and talk about her likes and dislikes to make her feel special.