Tuesday, September 27 , 2022

How to Build an Electric Skateboard in Cheap Price

People are getting smarter day by day. They love to make their things according to their wish. Electric skateboard is also getting popular but they are a bit costly. Smart people can build their own skateboard at home. 

If you want to buy an electric skateboard, it will cost you a big amount of money. If you know the way to make it then it will cost less than $300. There are some quality cheap skateboards. You can click the below link to check the price of the best cheap electric skateboard.

Let’s come to the main point. You have to collect and buy some equipment, make a blueprint, and build it according to the design.  So, let’s jump to the main topic “how to build an electric skateboard?”

How to Build?

Necessary Equipment

  • 5-7 piles of solid wood. (You can also use maple wood or plywood)
  • 4 skateboard wheels
  • 8 skateboard bearings
  • Grip tape
  • Glue
  • Drill Machine
  • Battery
  • Velcro tape
  • Motor
  • Esc
  • Bolts and nuts
  • Remote


  • Battery: You can use Li-ion or LiPos battery. Li-ion batteries are stronger but a bit expensive. I suggest you use a Li-ion battery.
  • ESC: Full Meaning of ESC is Electronic Speed Controller. You can use VESC or Vadder’s ESC. Make sure the ESC is compatible with sensors.
  • Motor: You can easily find a motor in the market. I suggest you buy a brushless out-runner DC motor. (KV rating: 170-245, Wattage 1500-3000)

Necessary Steps

Step 1 Make the Blueprint

A blueprint is always helpful to complete any task properly. When you are making a DIY electric skateboard then you should make a blueprint. The blueprint will contain the design of the skateboard.

Also, list the tools you need. Make sure the cost won’t cross your budget.

Step 2 Build the Deck

The deck is an important part of any well-designed skateboard. It carries most of the load, which means it should be robust. You can also buy a pre-assembled deck from the market. But if you buy the deck, the overall cost will increase. So, I suggest you make it yourself. Here learn how to make it.

First, take 5-7 piles of wooden sheets and mould them. For thickness, check 18mm plywood from Cut My Plastic. Press them carefully an place it under a vacuum. Now, wait for a few hours. Your deck is almost ready but not well-shaped. The press generally helps to bring the shape. 

Now cut the deck according to your custom shape. Make sure all the edges of the deck are smooth and plane.

Step 3 Connect the Motor

First, connect the ESC and wires of the motor. Connect it by soldering. Make an enclosure which will keep the electric devices safe. You can use metal boxes. Now put the motor and other things into the box and attach securely.

Step 4 Confirm the Connection

Now time to connect everything with battery.  Use cables or wires and connect the motor and ESC with the battery. 

Confirm the positive and negative ends and connect the ends appropriately. Otherwise, the battery may destroy.

Make sure there is no electrical problem. Connect the ground wire properly and use velcro tape to keep the battery batteries in place.

Step 5 Secure the Pulley and Belt

You have to attach the pulley and belt to the wheels. Make sure the belt is not so much tight and pulleys are securely attached. It ensures moving when you turn on the motor.

Step 6 Install everything to the Deck

This is the final step. First, mount the wheels to the deck. First set the wheels to the bracket. Now screw the bracket to both ends of the board.

Now it time to set the enclosure to the deck. The design of the enclosure depends on you. Whatever it is set the enclosure properly using the screw. Make sure no collision will be created after fixing the enclosure with the deck.

Now, set up the remote and make sure all the functions work well. Check whether the remote syncs with the ESC or not. I am saying again test the board before riding it. Otherwise, it may cause an accident if there is any error.

Your skateboard is done. Now you can colour it or sticker it for a better look.

Final Words

I have already described the steps to make an electric skateboard. It is no so much tough task what people think.

Make sure you know the ways to do soldering and drilling. Buy effective motor, remote and battery. Follow the steps and hopefully, you will be able to build your own skateboard in a couple of days.