How to Choose a Photo for Custom Paint by Numbers

A photograph is good but a painting? That’s Artistic

The delight of unfolding a canvas to paint your feelings imparts the vivacity of enthusiasm that is unbeaten. It is human nature that attracts novelty.  Novelty drives dopamine up and lets you feel the true sense of love and being loved. “Paint by Numbers” is a unique form of art that acts intense satisfaction to those who wait to play with colors but lack the intuition to pursue the desire. Paint by numbers kits are an endowment for the lovers of painting. And customizing paint by number kits is the most exquisite one. You need to upload the photo and it will be changed into the Paint by numbers Grid with minute detailing.  

Why is Custom Painting More Privileged?

Nothing is more satisfying than painting the picture of your desired one. There is a heap of painting kits, designed with beautiful scenes or motifs but nothing is more prior then the sketch of your mind or the face of your loved one. It is creative as much as meaningful. 

Custom paint by numbers kit gives you the lucky chance to convert the photo of your choice into paint by number pattern. It is the rule of nature, when it comes to faces or concepts or choices, these are incomparable. How can one rely on the thoughts of another one all and all without giving it a second thought?  Probability of difference is very high between two individuals. One is liking something might not be as catchy as for the former.

Why is Custom Paint by Numbers Kits More Privileged?

1. It is challenging.  

For a regular Paint by Numbers, Going to the market or searching on the internet would be convenient but nothing is like a Customized Paint by Numbers Kit. How can you pass over the core satisfaction earned by this creativity?

2. It is unparalleled.

How would you feel when a memory of old times comes in front of you in the form of a painting or the face of departed treasure stays before the very eyes as it has come back to life. The time you spend in painting those pictures and the ultimate happiness you attain over its completion are exceptional   

3. Its complexity is worth time consuming.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit took a lot more time to reach at the point of perfection. One will leave a margin to mistake the true features that have embossed in his mind. It requires more clarity and dexterity to unwind the complexity. Some portions need a magnifying glass to look at the numbers so that little details cannot be missed. The out-turn is worth the patience.  

How to choose the best fit photo for PBN?

After triggering the desire to paint yourself in you we are here to help you in selecting the Best picture to convert in Paint by Numbers kit so that the effort doesn’t go unpaid. 

By following the given tips, you will end up in something worth waiting. 

  • Picture Should Be Attractive

The first thing to keep in mind is the picture on which you are going to invest your time and energy should be worth it. You can’t take a risk of customizing any random picture from your album to practice or killing the time. It takes complete attention and hours of exertion, mixing colors in corresponding numbers and impatient wait for the end product with patience. Select a picture with prominent features and less clutter around or in the background.  Make sure before uploading the picture that it should be as attractive as a treat to the eyes. 

  • Make it a Right Size for canvas

Picking a right size photo for the canvas can save from many issues regarding clarity of picture and problems in designing the kit. It is better to choose the photo with the 750 pixels length and width. To get the dimensions, make use of your pc and with the help of window explore select the dimensions according to the canvas you are ordering. Many free of cost photo editing options can help in arranging the best fit one. For a square canvas, avoid the landscape. Ideally, the aspect ratio of the image should be similar to the size of canvas otherwise a white space will be added to set the dimensions that can ruin the beauty of the image.

  • Prefer close-ups

Always select the picture of close-up of the object because it gives more detailing to the work. Paint by Numbers Kits comes with 24 or 36 color sets. If the picture is well magnified, emphasizing the theme, or focal point instead of a long shot captured with a lot of things in a tiny winy manner, it will look catchier. Compare the details of closed-up and a picture with background, you will get to know the difference.

  • Less background, more focus

Crop the picture to get the exact size of the canvas. Unclear surroundings or too many objects in the background can lessen the beauty of the picture. If you find a picture with a good central object the better idea is to get rid of the rest with cropping and magnifying the main scene.  

  • Choose bright colored photo

Investing your time on a bright painting that attracts the attention of the viewer would be a good decision. Abstract art is equally admirable but a clear sight of loved ones; a relationship with people or things or pets engages your mind to keep from depressing. You can use photo editors to give bright contrast to even old times black and white picture of your special figure. Light colors lose the shines with the passage of time. Attempt for something that stays for a longer span.

  • Avoid Blur background

Dark and blurry backgrounds of the pictures suppress the entire beauty of the photo. One color background and multicolor focal object looks prettier than an amalgamation of many colors giving no clear sight. Blurry backgrounds do not allow the hues to enhance the respective shades that match the Photo. Make sure your canvas is captivated with at least 70 to 75 percent of the subject matter and minute detailing.

Ideas about the best occasions

It is amazingly fun to paint the faces of the people you love more than anything. Sometimes it becomes difficult to select between many photos that are all beautiful. The trick for the problem is to shortlist the good photos and then picks the Best one among them. And paint one after the other to calm the desire of painting all. This personalized paint by numbers would be the most amazing and priceless gift for those you are longing for their happiness.

Your albums would be stuffed with the photos captured during the tours you would have gone. How would you feel to paint a memory of old vacations and celebrate the pleasure that makes it immortalize.

You can paint the photo of your pets, or close-ups of nature like flowers, butterflies, little bugs, birds or solo objects that can be captured by your macro-lens camera and turn them into a piece of art.

Bonus tips for a good Paint by Numbers

Summarizing the whole article “How to Choose a Photo for Custom Paint by Number”

Taking short notes of these points can save your time and money before ordering a custom paint by numbers kit.

  • Consuming the leisure time in painting by numbers will leave positive effects on mental health that is necessary for physical health.
  • Engage your partner or other members of the family on the activity to build a coherence and understanding among you.
  • Avoid spending time on blurry and dull photos that will be mundane at the end.
  • Clear photo of subject with less background. 
  • Select the picture according to the measurements of the canvas.
  • Make a use of photo editors to crop and contrast the colors.
  • Buy a separate set of professional brushes of all sizes to work in little and wide spaces with equal ease.

Taking into account all the steps, now you can order your Custom Paint by Numbers Kit and enjoy the quality time.