How to Choose the Appropriate Single Bed Sheets for a Good Night’s sleep

Single bedrooms are usually used by single and struggling persons. After a tiring and long day nothing can beat a comfortable sleep. Although you don’t feel very much while sleeping but there is a lot happening actually while your body is at rest. Our body repairs, heals, and recharges itself for the next day when we are asleep. Therefore after having a good and sound sleep you get up active with boosted energy levels to do to your jobs and other daily activities. Single bed sheets are the tool for a sound sleep.

They are usually made from both natural and synthetic fibers. Both of their characteristic features. Synthetic fibers blended with the natural cotton or silk threads reserve in softer and more desirable sheets. This also increased breathability and heat trapping properties. Some people unknowingly buy single bed shapes made from synthetic fibers which results in waking them up and over heating in the middle of the night. And for many others it results in toss entering throughout the sleeping time instead of enjoying a good nap.
So you must have guests until now that a quality sleep directly depends upon the quality of your bed sheets. Because they come directly in contact with your body and decide how you are going to fail on the bed. Below is given a brief description of various attributes that must be kept in while you are choosing a deadline for yourself.

Selecting the Manufacturing Materials


Cotton sheets are the most popular shapes and have been used since ages. They are the most economical and durable bedding fabric. It is obtained from cotton plants which are grown in warm or tropical areas. Organic cotton is grown without using any chemicals especially for those suffering from any respiratory or skin disease. So if you are from their riches quotes for organic cotton sheets and on the other hand if you have a normal skin you can go for ordinary cotton ones. It is mentioned here that cotton is suitable for the year and for all kinds of sleepers.

If you want to experience a truly luxurious and hotel-like bedding, apps for Egyptian cotton sheets. They are made from long staples which reserve in beautiful soft and breathable bed skirts.


Linen is another great material for making bed sheets. It is obtained from flax seeds and results in incredibly soft and truly elegant bedding. The only drawback of opting for linen is, it is prone to wrinkles and requires dry cleaning.


Bamboo sheets are made from bamboo pulp. They appear lustrous, shiny and very smooth. Bamboo bed sheets, like Linenly bamboo sheets, are suitable for those suffering from any skin asthmatic issue as they are extremely breathable and have antimicrobial nature.

Choose the right thread count

Thread count refers to the total number of threads used in weaving a square inches of fabric material. There is a misconception that thread count indicates the quality of fabric material but it actually refers to the thickness and density. The higher the thread counts the thicker and denser the fabric material will be. Moreover fabrics having 800 above TC are usually less breathable but more durable. On the scale its values vary from 200 to 1600, where 200 indicate very light and low quality sheets whereas 1600 indicates coarse and durable fabrics. According to a thumb rule, one should go for something between 400 to 800. And avoid buying anything below 350 because it will rip easily and start showing pile after a few washes.

Weave type

It is usually determined by the outlook and the pattern of the sheets. It indicates how the threads are woven together. Percale and sateen are two of the widely used weave types when it comes to affordable, durable and comfortable sheets. Those who are prone to heating while sleeping should go for Percale weave. While those who prefer soft and smooth shades like silk butt in cotton on linen fabric should opt for sateen sheets. Visit here for looking the shop of single bed sheets in UK.


It may seem a lot of work trust us if you consider all the factors stated above you will end up having luxurious and very comfortable sheets.
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