How to Choose the Best Internet Deals?

We all know that the internet is essential in today’s day and age. Without it, life can be tough. But as an internet user, how do you find the right provider? There are many, many people who are not satisfied with their service, due to reasons like slow speed and interruptions.

Before considering how to choose the right provider, it is important to know that there are four different types of internet connections: cable, satellite, DSL, and fiber optic.

Let’s briefly go over each type so that you can get a better understanding of each, allowing you to make a more informed decision.

Cable: This type of connection is usually provided by your cable TV provider, and the internet is transmitted using the coaxial cable wires. The usual download/upload speeds don’t go very high with this type, usually ranging between one to three Mbps (megabits per second). This kind of  connection is good for people with standard internet needs. The biggest advantage that cable has is its wide availability and coverage area, at least when compared to fiber optic and DSL services.

DSL: Also known as the digital subscriber line, the DSL connection is one of the more popular options, thanks to its higher speeds and cheap prices. This connection is transmitted through telephone lines, and offers speeds up to 25 Mbps. 

Satellite: As the name indicates, this kind of internet service is delivered to the users through satellite transmission. The speeds go up to 15 Mbps for downloads, and 3 Mbps for uploads. It is also widely available in the United States.

Fiber Optic: This is the most advanced connection there is. Fiber optic works through an optical fiber wire that is almost as thin as a strand of human hair.

Recently, Cox and other internet providers have started offering fiber optic services, which usually provide download speeds varying between 100 Mbps and 300 Mbps, and upload speeds ranging from 65 Mbps to 80 Mbps. Although scarcely available, fiber optic is the fastest source of the internet that you can opt for today. 

So now you have a better idea of how different internet connections operate. Considering that Cox offers both DSL and fiber optic connections, your best bet is to check out Cox internet services in your area to find out what services you can get in your neighborhood.

Next, let’s look at some other factors that can help you find the best internet deals.

Bundling Your Internet Package with TV and/or Phone

It’s always better to save money while you shop. The same goes for choosing the right internet deal. Before you make up your mind, check out different packages and deals which give you the most value. Companies like Cox offer amazing internet bundle packages for users so that they can combine their TV and phone services with their internet, making it easy and convenient for the customer to enjoy uninterrupted service. Moreover, bundling saves the subscriber from the hassle to pay for each service individually, as they get a single bill for all services.

Promotional Offers and Discounts

When shopping for the right internet deal, always remember to look for promotional offers or discounts being offered by each provider. Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays are ideal times to shop for a cheap internet deal.  

Customer Service

One of the most vital things to consider before you choose an internet service provider is the company’s customer service. Big companies like Cox, Xfinity, and Charter Spectrum offer exceptional customer support for users, and take pride in helping out their customers. Always choose an internet service provider that gives you the best customer service, as that can help you in the future in case of any service interruptions.

Legal Agreements and Contracts

When choosing the best internet deal, always make sure to read the service contract, and see whether or not you can opt out of the service if you’re not satisfied. Most internet service providers offer a two-year contract for customers, with an option to opt out if they are not happy with the service. This makes it easier for the customer to switch to a different service provider with better service quality. Therefore, always read the terms and conditions before you sign up for the service.

Internet Service Reliability

Choosing a slow internet service that lags all the time is one of the most frustrating things to experience as an internet user. This is why choosing the right internet service provider is important. Services like Cox internet give you a reliable internet connection without any sort of interruption. To check out how reliable your internet connection is, you can check your download/upload speeds on websites like  

Value Added Features

It’s always better to choose an internet provider that gives you something extra. Companies like Cox offer reward cards and other gifts with their internet packages. This not only retains customer loyalty, but shows how much your internet service provider cares for you. Cox also offers other value added services like free WiFi hotspots, which are valuable for customers who want to stay connected while they are out in public.

Those are some of the things you should consider when looking for the best deals for your internet.