How to choose the Best retractable leash for dogs

When choosing what you use to walk your new pup consider your options. There are plenty of them.

You need to find the one that matches you and your dog’s needs and preferences.

Pups get walked on all sorts of leashes that vary in width and length, style, material, and even different clasps and handles.

Different activities are suited to different leashes. You may find that having multiple leashes is good. But one style that is very adaptable to all kinds of walking activities is the retractable leash


Also called Flexi leashes they offer your dog the freedom to explore while still being under your control. However, you do need to be careful that you don’t inadvertently teach a dog that it is acceptable to pull on the leash.

 Choose a leash that has a comfortable handle, and allows you to tether your dog if you ever need to attach your pup to a tree or a post. Also, opt for the best retractable leash for dogs that has durable cords so there is no chance of them breaking with sudden excessive pressure.

The retractable style you choose should allow you to maintain control of your dog. Dogs will have a lot of freedom because of the extended length, but you still want to be able to easily reel them in.

You need to stay alert so that with all the distance between you, the dog doesn’t get too far ahead and walk into a busy street or around a corner into danger.


Some dog owners buy retractable leashes to help with a dog’s habit of pulling on the leash, but be careful because sometimes if a dog gets too much leash length when they pull against the tension from a retractable device, it can reinforce the idea that by pulling they can get further forward!

Using a retractable leash with an already trained dog is highly recommended.

If you find yourself in an appropriate environment, like visiting the beach or in a large open area like a field where the cord won’t be caught up on anything then the dog will be in its element. There is no danger of the cords ripping and a long-lead leash like this allows your dog to roam while you can still control where it goes and who it meets.

There are so many positives when using retractable leashes. For a start, they give our dogs much more freedom on walks.  

 Our dogs don’t really like being kept on short leashes. What a retractable leash gives dogs is the option to explore a much wider and more interesting area. This is good because dogs are naturally inquisitive about the world around them and want to explore as much as they can. Retractable leashes allow them to have a more interesting and livelier walk.

When we walk our dogs, we want to give them options to get out often for the first time in a few hours. We want them to be as free as possible so they can enjoy as much fun as they can. Retractable leashes are a good way of enabling this to happen.