Saturday, October 1 , 2022

How to Choose the Right Dog Car Seat

Many new dog owners are still looking for ways on how to carry a dog in the front seat of a car. Well, traveling with your furry friend is easy but it needs a little special planning. And having dog car seats is one of the special planning you should make.

When he is still a puppy, he might not have many risks but when he grows, it becomes a bit tricky to handle him. As such, you need to invest in the right dog booster seat for car.

But how to choose the best car booster seat for a dog is still a challenge to make dog owners. But it doesn’t have to because, in this article, we will share some helpful tips to help you choose the right doggy car seat.

Ideally, a pet car seat should be comfortable and be able to protect and keep your canine friend safe all times.

You should start using a good dog car seat for your pooch when he is still in his early age when traveling and you will find your journey enjoyable always.

A report by the American Automobile Association and Kurgo shows that one out of five pet owners has had to take their hands out of the steering wheel to prevent their pooch from jumping in the window of the car- you can imagine how dangerous this can be.

Keep your dog protected by choosing the right car seat for him using the tips you will learn below.

Why Have a Pet Car Seat?

During car rides, anything can happen. The last thing you want to see while traveling is taking your hands off the steering wheel to prevent your do from jumping in the front of the seat only to hit an oncoming car. With the right pet car seat, this will never happen to you.

Here are a few reasons why you must have a pooch car seat while traveling with your four-legged friend:

For Safety Purposes

As you have seen from the report by American Automobile Association and Kurgo, it’s risky for you, your furry friend, and other drivers and pedestrians if you will have to take your hands off the steering wheel to keep your dog from jumping outside the window. A pet car seat will keep him safe.

Keeps you Undistracted

With a pet car seat, you will not get distracted because he will seat comfortable and look around as you focus on the steering wheel.

Now that you have known why it’s important to have a pet booster seat in your car, you need to put in mind some few factors so that you can get the right seat.

Note that there are many types out there, so you want to go out shopping for your pet car seat with a sober mind.

Here we go…

1. Chose a Pet Car Seat With Sufficient Safety Features

As we have mentioned above, the reason why you need a puppy booster car seat is to keep him safe. If the seat lacks adequate features, the safety of your canine friend isn’t guaranteed.

For that reason, when buying yours, look for one that is fixed to the car seat securely that keeps your dog in place.

2. Usability, Setup, and Storage

The dog car seat you buy should be easy to set up and store. If you will have to take forever to install the seat and then spend more time storing it, it’s not worth your money and time.

The good thing with most dog booster seats is that they can be removed fast using buckles and storing them is also easy. But most cheaper car seats for puppies aren’t easy to use and store.

3. Size and Comfort

Your furry friend must be comfortable and calm when seating on the car seat. Choosing a small seat won’t give your pooch the comfort he deserves. Some pet car seats are designed in a way that they allow your puppy to look through the window.

4. Material

Even if you will not be using the seat so often, you don’t want to go back shopping for a new seat after a few days of buying another one. Also, your dog needs to be comfortable on the seat. As such, you need a seat made with material that has some comfortable padding and one that is durable and easy to clean.