How to create an interactive learning environment with QR codes?

In the 21st century setup, learning is not limited to pen and paper learning scheme. Instead, the use of technology is highly recommended for 21st century learners. 

As getting interactive with technology is the new 21st century move for learners to learn efficiently, the use of QR code technology is one way to keep your learners well-versed with technology while learning. 

By attaching the use of them into your learning materials, what lessons can you apply in making an interactive learning environment with QR codes?

What is a QR code?

A Quick Response (QR) is a type of matrix barcode that is widely used in automotive manufacturing to store more data and provide faster scan results than regular barcodes. This type of barcode integrates the use of an error correction method to preserve the QR code’s data even if it experiences physical damages such as wear and tear. The QR code is scanned with the use of today’s smartphone cameras. 

As the use of them is modified to meet people’s needs, these codes are becoming more eminent in various societal functions. With different QR code generators available online, the use of a QR code generator with logo is necessary for a more professional and personalized QR code design usage. You can see these box and checkered codes today in posts, newspapers, magazines and more.  

How to use QR codes into the learner’s interactive learning materials?

As education is embracing the use of technology in its 21st century learning means, here are two useful ways on how to integrate the use of QR codes into the learner’s interactive learning materials.

Conduct scavenger hunts with QR codes

As interacting with each other is crucial for 21st century learners, the conduct of scavenger hunt activities is great to build the learners’ abilities to master their thinking and social skills in learning. 

And to inject the use of technology into scavenger hunts, embedding hints into a QR code is great for promoting technology use education setup. Teachers can do them by applying the use of a PDF QR code into their scavenger hunt materials. 

Embed digital interactive models 

With different digital interactive models available in the internet today, teachers are linking these models into their learning materials without realizing the need for students to manually type the link into the browser. Because of that, the use of QR codes is great for the learners to directly go through the interactive models with just a scan. 

Why teachers should employ the use of a QR codes into the learner’s interactive means?

Relieves learners from typing long URLs to the browser

As the use of QR codes aims to eradicate the problem in typing lengthy URLs into the browser with its scan and view feature, learners can relieve themselves from typing the URLs and proceed in viewing the information. Through this, learners can go straight to their learning prompt with the smartphone cameras. 

Promote technological interaction to learners

As the leaners future will revolve around technology, the use of QR code technology can prompt their learners on how to interact with them. 

Helps teachers channel their creativity with webpage design making

As 21st century educators are can be equipped with the use of technology to improve their teaching approach for their learners, the use of QR codes can help them channel their envisioned learning prompt with the use of an H5 page QR codes. These H5 page QR codes have allowed many educational technology teachers to convey their knowledge through technology and allow learners explore the wonders of making their own webpage with it. 

Requires less money to maintain

Opposite to what some teachers think in going technological with their teaching approaches, the use of QR codes requires less money to maintain. Thanks to the tight competition happening between different QR code generator software, looking for the best QR code generator that can provide their QR code needs without spending more is possible. Because of that, teachers can actually save more with QR codes. 


As technology is becoming a part of today’s education, the use of them help the teachers improve their means of teaching and eliminate the barriers that pen and pencil materials have. 

With information centering the means of education, the use of an information unpacking technology such as QR codes is great to create an interactive learning environment with learners. 

Because of its ability to store and unpack data, teachers also seek the help of a reliable QR code generator like QRTiger on how to make a successful QR code powered learning prompt with their learners and build the future of education technology with it.