Wednesday, September 28 , 2022

How to Decorate Your House with Flowers


Decorating your house has been the most amazing thing, there is various reasons behind this approach, the very first and important one for me is the calm and appealing environment.

Secondly, the fragrance has got some imperceptible effect on your mood, I am unable to explain that, but I know you all will agree with that. Sending flowers, to your loved one is now a very old tradition, but still in many countries and regions flowers are thought to be a symbol of various emotions, this tradition is still alive because you can send flowers online.

For instance, in many countries white colored flowers are for sorrow, pink-colored flowers re-known for happiness and sometimes for baby baths.

I have seen many people decorating their houses with artificial flowers, buying artificial flowers will be of no use, because you will only be wasting time and money.

Natural flowers do not stay fresh but there are some tips which can be followed to keep them fresh for a longer period.

In this article I will only discuss some tips for keeping and decorating flowers in your house, along with some ideas which are not so common.

1.    Selecting the Flowers

For choosing the right flowers for your house, you must keep a few things in mind, the very first thing is the color of the flower, if you think that those colors of the flower does not suits your house’s wall and curtains then skip them, try some more compatible. There is a wide range of flowers.

Secondly, you must smell the flowers and decide about your favorite fragrance, so that you must not regret buying those flowers, once they are in your house.

2.    Placing the Flowers

Now, there are two options for placing those wonderful flowers, you can have them in some exquisite flower vases if you have got some old vases decorate them.

You can check various tutorials and ideas on the internet for decorating the flower vases, another option which is quite unique is hanging flowers beside the walls.

You will need some wall hangings, which can be attached to the wall and you can place the flowers inside those hanging vases, however, you must make sure that they’re tightly held in place, with the right amount of water if you are having natural flowers.

3.    How to Keep Them Fresh

Keeping your favorite flowers fresh is another struggle, the very first thing you ought to do is to regularly change the water, everyday you must change it as early as possible.

Another incredible thing is using soda, you can add ¼ part of soda in ¾ water and place your fresh flowers in this solution, make sure that the edges are only 3 to 4cm dip in this.

4.    Hanging flowerpots

You can grow flowers in various pots and hang them, they will give a very exotic look to your balcony, I have done it and believe me, your heaven will look like heaven once the pots are bloomed with colorful flowers.