How to decorate your house with lanterns?

Lanterns are one of the most elegant pieces of decoration in every corner of the house. They add a touch of elegance wherever you place them. Their versatility seems to be never-ending. Moroccan lanterns have been trending as they are the figure of beauty and aestheticism. They’re available in all the sizes and colors and fit any decor theme.

There are tons of ways to give any space a delightful look with lanterns, have a look at some of them:

Hanging on the ceiling

Lanterns are popularly known for hanging from the ceiling. They complement every space, from the living area to the bedroom. You can use lanterns on the entrance pathway as they bring a sense of positivity and harmony as soon as you enter the house. To give the area a warm touch hang two to three big lanterns from the ceiling and place a soft rug and some poufs or ottomans to complete the look.

They can also be used in the living room, hanging at a corner of different corners for a dark ambiance, with tremendous comforting couch and cushions. It is the most appealing area to hang lanterns in the hallway; Moroccan lanterns are the most appropriate choice for hallways. This design was most commonly used by the kings and queens in their palaces and is implemented even now.

Placing them on the corners

Bored with showpieces and small sculptures?

Replace them with the lanterns; they’ll give a more alluring look to space. Moroccan lanterns come in various sizes and designs, from antique and rustic to the most colorful look. Place two to three big of them at the end of a room with a big candle inside; this will effortlessly lit your room and give it a vivid look.

Are you planning a romantic dinner? Use a small rustic looked lantern on the center of the table and dim the lights and you’ve got all the preparations set for a romantic dinner. You don’t always need to light the lantern for an aesthetic look; you can still use them as a decorative piece in a bedroom or even at the dining. Lanterns give you a wide range of choices, select the most suitable one according to your space and decor, and get going with the decoration.

Place them on the stairs

This is my favorite way to use lanterns. Moroccan lanterns have always complemented the staircases, place them on the corners of the steps. These charming pieces give a gleaming look to the house as well as the stairs, the shadow falling around even lightens the path and helps someone see the steps even when dark.

The metal lanterns give a royal look to the staircase as this idea of decorating the stairs with lanterns have been famous since the time of Rajas and Maharajas.

If you visit palaces of kings and queens in India, they still have lanterns all over the place, especially the stairs. The wooden stairs are still preserved as lanterns beautify them with an antique touch. You can even place these lanterns outside the house if you have steps or a platform, nothing gives such an attractive look as lanterns.

Replace candles

Lanterns are versatile; they don’t have to be used only to light an area or space but can even be used without candles. One of the most unusual ways to use it is by placing a small plant inside the lantern. There are various sizes of lanterns available, and except for the small size, almost all of them can fit a small plant or a bonsai.

You can place these lanterns near the garden or other plants or even hang them on the window. Plants are a sign of freshness and appreciation of nature, so if you love plants or are into gardening, this is one of the most elegant ways to decorate lanterns. And if not plants fill in some plastic balls or leave them empty, they are beautiful individually.

Lanterns have been used in almost every occasion from Diwali to Christmas, they’ve always complimented every space. Now that you know how to decorate your house beautifully get yourself one and I assure you you’ll never regret buying them.