How To Develop And Improve Your Own Online Teaching Brand?

The modern technology has opened a plethora of opportunities for teachers to share their knowledge and expertise online and build your own teaching brand. Whether you want to make some extra money or change your career, taking online classes can be a great solution. But where do you deliver your online classes? 

Thanks to the power of the internet, as you long as you have a computer or a laptop and a stable internet connection, and access to the right tools, you can become a specialist in a niche and develop your own teaching brand. 

While there are many platforms where teachers from all around the world offer their classes, it is ideal to create your own teaching website you want to develop an online teaching brand of your own. 

Taking online classes start with establishing an online presence and developing a teaching brand of your own. Striking the right balance between what you actually need and what will improve the value of your teaching brand if important. 

In this article, we will look into some of the key aspects of how to develop and improve your teaching brand.

Tips to create and improve your teaching brand

With online teaching becoming the new norm in pursuing education, online teaching services are emerging as an easy and accessible way for teachers who want to share their knowledge and for learners who want to master new skills. 

To begin with, start small and build on as you progress. There is no point in investing in fancy digital tools, flash videos, animations, etc. if it is not useful for your target audience. 

No matter how efficient and advanced the tools are, if your target audience doesn’t benefit from it, these tools can soon become a liability rather than having a positive impact on your teaching brand. Have strategic planning on what to adopt to achieve your online teaching goals. 

Here is a step by step guide to help you develop a teaching brand of your own. 

Identify your target market

The very first step to develop your own online teaching brand is to choose your target audience. If you have an idea of what your classes would be all about, look for learners who would sign up for your online classes. 

Your learner base can be as broad as an industry or it can be a specific niche as well. Choose the audience that best fits your skills and expertise. 

Selecting your learner base will make the following things easier: 

  • Create and improve teaching brand
  • Planning online classes 
  • Pricing your classes and courses
  • Branding your learning website

Choose the core skills to teach

The subjects and skills you teach are one of the major reasons your students sign up for your classes. Who would bother to pay for your content if it is commonly available in their platforms for free or low price? Therefore, the classes you plan must be unique in terms of subject and value. 

To choose the core skills to teach, consider the requirements of your target learner base. Understand what they want, what is that they are looking so that you can devise ways to help your target audience achieve it. 

Plan your classes

Once you have finalized on your target user base and class ideas, you can start planning the lessons you are going to teach. Before you launch your teaching brand, it is recommended to be prepared for a couple of lessons for each of your online classes. 

The best thing about developing and launching your own teaching brand is that you can add and change the lessons based on the needs and feedback from your students. 

You can play with the content creation tools your learning platform offers to create content in different formats like interactive assignments, PDFs, podcasts, videos, etc. to add more depth and value to your classes. 

Find your learners online

The next step is to start finding your students. How you market your brand online finally comes down to your target learner base. For example, you need to craft the strategies that focus on where your learner’s attention is and by providing significant value to them. 

Here are some effective ways to find your learners. 

  • Create a mailing list

Email marketing is one of the best ways to improve your reach and promote your brand. Allow your visitors to join your newsletters on the website so that you can build a mailing list and alert them of the new things happening in your online platform. 

  • Use social media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are great spaces to promote your online classes. You can create marketing style content to promote your online teaching business and reach thousands of active users

  • Leverage YouTube

As a popular video platform, YouTube is a great source of traffic that brings in a viable amount of traffic to your site. It not only increases the visibility of your classes, but it also helps in creating a targeted audience.

Create your own teaching website

The main step of developing a teaching brand of your own is to create your own teaching website. The learning website will help you host your classes and build a space for you to conduct an interactive one-one session with your audience. If you are working as a freelance teacher it is important to find learners on your own. 

Having a teaching website of your own will give you the freedom to price your classes in a way that is profitable for you as an online educator. 

To create your own learning platform, you can choose a good white label virtual tutoring software to set up the site effortlessly in less time. PinLearn is one such platform who will help you create and launch your website in a cost-effective way. 


If you want to take your teaching sessions from offline to online, it is time to get started with creating an online teaching brand of your own. To enhance your branding efforts, implement classes and services that your competitors are not offering. 

Improve the online appeal of your website to keep with the constantly changing interests of the online education market. Consider each online class as a golden opportunity to build a positive impression among your learners. 

Following the right strategies and best practices in your online tutoring business will ensure building a consistent and engaged learning community and emerging yourself as a successful online tutor. Before you will even know, you will be on your way to improve your teaching brand.

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